Lunch dates

 Atleast once a week Kim and I have a lunch date. I was craving the chow truck on Monday but sadly it wasn't in service that day, so I was thrilled to get a text from Kim saying it was near by and we had ourselves a date. I look rather homeless ... I may or may not have brushed my hair, BUT I did manage to get out of my pjs I have been rocking while I edit! I am sad about the weather changing, lunch and the park is kinda our thing with the kiddos... I guess we will have to find a few cozy cafes.
Apparently all we ever do is eat... 


Joni and Rico Adams said...

I'm apparently missing out on some good eats. Chow truck eh? That's worth a trip.

Abby said...

I love food trucks! lol, some can be scary O.o
But it's all an experience! ha.

carl and em said...

you and your kids are just gorgeous! love all the pics!!