Kaitlyn LaRee'

Can I just say I love having a girl. Don't get me wrong,  I ADORE snuggling my little guy and thats a whole other blog post. But, the other day Kaitlyn starting asking me about my clothes. Shes always been an easy one... never a diva about her hair or outfits. I was more worried about it than she was. Half the time she would be happy to go out after making mud pies and her clothes reflecting of that. Suddenly, out of now where, shes been caring more and more. Pretty soon I wonder if I will be allowed to pick her up in my PJs still. The Best friends forever talk has official started at our home and its so strange to think .... I am at this stage as a mom. She even has a secret code language with her bff Brooklyn and matching friendship necklaces.
She is growing up, I hope I am ready for it.

For the moms out there that care....
Cardigan and shorts- down east
Socks and Tshirt- Crew cuts
Bow- American apparel
shoes - Nordstrom


kaysi van dyke fox said...

ok seriously brooke??? she is the most beautiful little girl on the planet & she has the best style!!! haha

Ab said...

OMG SO FREAKING CUTE. I love her. I want one.