Work in progress

Remember how I have been talking about my film camera every now and again?
Its been a bit of a process and its almost over. There was some shipping back and forth, parts broken and fixed and finally, I got to see the results of my first roll. Now mind you, this was a quicky shoot at noon. Its a whole another ball game shooting digital v.s film. Tavis (who shoots strictly film) kept laughing at me because I would flip the camera over to look at the back, expecting to see a instant review that WAS NOT THERE. You have to make every shot count which is a refreshing way to take a picture. There is not a meter in the camera, so you have to use a handle held and everything takes a little more thought before clicking!!!  I find it exciting and fun. Almost like Christmas to have to wait to see the result, even though I am little disappointed with my first try.  I will only shoot film for braille&gold and for personal use. I have some work to do on my focus. Who wants to let me practice on them ??

Welcome to the world of no photoshop


Mandy said...

especially love the last one.

Ciara said...

me likey.

amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

You are a great photographer! I think film is so incredibly beautiful. The colors are insane. Great job! You don't know me, but I'd be a guinea pig anytime! Haha

Maggy R. said...

Those are amazing pics; how can u take so much light out of a regular camera???

which camera were u using again?

love the colors too

Natasha said...

It's AWESOME!!!!

The Lady Girl said...

Ah. Fun stuff! I also love waiting for the film to get back. I admire anyone who shoots complete film. I do know what its like to develop my own film, scan in for Photoshop and develop prints in the dark room. Great for hobby, couldn't imagine the whole time consuming process for a full shoot or wedding though!