Pumpkin pie coco

My kidlets were away for the weekend, although I miss them the breather was nice. Last year had so much planning and stuff going on I never got to enjoy my favorite month. I LOVE those first few fall evenings before we slam into winter. Today I went up to Oktoberfest with some friends. A little time by the pool, some of us ran ;) and a bbq to end my lovely evening. I try to soak in as much autumn as I can! The pumpkin pie coco is so close I can taste it.


Ciara said...

you look prettier everyday. aaaaand i want that burger.i also loooove the shot of kim laying down by the berries photo.i'm glad you had fun WITHOUT me. lol kidding.

Kenzie said...

I was so surprised to see you up there. It looks like you had a lot more fun than we did. G missed her nap so she was a nut case, hungry baby, needless to say I was frazzled and caught off guard someone said my name. I'm jealous you had a fun kid, free weekend... It was good to see you, for a split, crazy second.

Joni and Rico Adams said...

Geez louise I have beautiful friends! It looks like you guys had a blast. It's so beautiful up there. I'm looking forward to a kid free weekend someday.... in the next 6 months ha ha. We were in Bear Lake this weekend. Perfect 70-80 degree weather.
PS: You still need to come visit me.