Nature walk

Fall being my favorite time of year, I LOVE to be outdoors.
The kids didn't have school today, so this morning we made a little check list, grabbed some snacks and went on a hike.
It was a perfect fall morning. They LOVED searching for everything on their list.
Press play and take a listen to what we jammed to on our way up... my kids are the coolest.
" I promise you can always come home"


Lauren Ricci said...

You are such a fun and involved mom and I love how you document every day and experience with your unique vision. I can't wait until I have a reason for you to take my picture.

Lindsay Steenblik said...

Brooke - Not only are you a beautiful Mommy - but you are an amazing mommy! :) I almost had a little tear running down my cheek when I saw that sweet picture of K loving little Billy. DARLING!!

I promise to text you tomorrow. Sorry - I have been SUPER crazy with school, work, life, and a little man who is anxiously anticipating his 3rd birthday this weekend! :) Hope you are doing well and I think about you often. Let's do dinner soon - or stay inside and watch a movie! I'm always good for a cheesy love story or hysterical chick flick!

Night doll.

Katie said...

It looks like you have the sweetest kids. You can see how close knit you all are in your photos. Love that!