.... I give up, I am a girl who always has her camera and yet I cant seem to get a good normal smile out of the three of us. Its about time for me to be thinking Christmas cards. I have lots of cute ideas, but I have to bribe a friend into putting up with us.
I have a nanny, whom I love and is a life saver.  I just got home from a shoot and the kids and her are out right now working on a birthday surprise. I cant wait to see what they have planned. I was in L.A for a workshop on my birthday and then they were away for the weekend. My birthday parties seem to linger and I love it. As of today I raised my pricing for my Wedding photography, I am pushing on 40 weddings for this year and although I love my job and I am beyond grateful, I can not do it all. Its a scary thing changing your pricing... I mean, its how I provide for my family. I have had people drilling it into my head that it needs to be done, so I finally started the transition. Wish me luck, I think great things are to come. I will be offering more personalized products and I will have more time with my munchkins... maybe I can do it all

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kristy said...

It's about time! Glad to hear it. You are definitely worth it.

love krs

ps the kids are soo cute. love this post! Here's to more time with them & and maybe even a little more sleep!)