26 years

As of 6 minutes ago my birthday officially began. I have always loved birthdays and next to valentines day its my favorite holiday. Why you ask, because its yours and its original. I received a few birthday wishes via text as midnight hit and for whatever reason a began to tear up a little. Its not that I'm necessarily sad, its just strange. Its strange to think of how much can happen in just 26 short years. I have wonderful friends and a amazing family, although they are far. I have two cheerful, beautiful little children whom I love and yet, I want to fast forward to my thirties. I have always had a strange fascination with turning thirty. Maybe I am being idealistic but, Id like to think I could be in a place with roots. For now, my twenty's can be what they are, a topsy turvy of whirlwind moments, filled with passion and the unknown. I love the fact there is so much unwritten. I cannot wait to see what my 26th year holds for me. I am making my birthday wish now, but I cant share it because then it wont come true. wink

Happy birthday to me
I am L.A bound

enjoy one of my favorites, its a oldie


Mary + Trey said...

We're September baby's! Happy Birthday Brooke.. Well I'd say for 26 you've accomplished a lot:)

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

I am partial to september birthday's myself...I love a September b-day! Happy 26!
By the way, I am dying to know where your killer boots are from in the last post! Luv.Them.

Shonnie said...

Happy Birthday!

Michelle Kay said...

Happy Birthday! I'm 26 and I love it! :) I wish you a wonderful year to come!