I like me

I wont lie, I like the way my mind works. I hear melodies and see photos in everyday moments. I don't realize I'm doing it. Every now and again, I catch myself and think...I kinda like me. I like the way I see the world, I like the fact I search for the bright side. I look past the crap more than I should. So much so, I probably am overly tolerant of things and people I shouldn't be. I can not stay mad, ever, really I cant. Its to exhausting to hold on to things, its a good and bad trait.  Im far from perfect...FAR and will never claim to be. Its just one of those days that I am grateful for simple things. This afternoon I was busy creating a picture perfect storyline while driving on the freeway. The melody that stuck out was The XX - heart skipped a beat. Its your lucky day, take a listen
Let your heart match the beat... 

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Stace said...

oh brooke...your music choices are always FAB! and i LOVE the XX! keep sharing - you have great taste!