eyes wide

Its funny how the mind works
I can go days and days with my logical side working in full force 
but then, out of now where I lose my footing. 
It doesn't matter that I understand the facts
That empty words are nothing more than ... empty 
I crave them and yet the hang over isn't worth the high 
What is it about words for me?
They are just sounds made up with A. E. I. O. U
I am a very authentic person with the things I say.
I say what I mean, always. 
No down playing, no avoiding, no sugar coating. 
Since when has honesty gone out of style. 
Then I realized sometimes we begin to believe our own justifications.
Which is a better reason to not search for them.
Who wants a world and memories based off fear and falsehood 
I have seen something I never saw until now


Raquel said...

Love this post. xoxoxo

Music Mama said...