Dinner with friends

My friend kim came to pick me up tonight for a birthday dinner.
My birthday was an excuse for  lots of dinner dates and a litte shopping, so I will be doing more "dress up" post soon. 

I had another birthday dinner with this lady... and we played dress up in my closet after for fun. You are never too old for a sleep over. Both grown adults, both moms...both love to laugh. ( I swear we are adults )  After dinner we watched New girl which might be one of my favorite new shows. I too make up songs and randomly sing. I knew my girl crush on zoey wasnt for nothing.


Kimberlee said...

Oh, shoot! Girl time is so good. I need more--now!

Ciara said...

ooh la la! thanks for making me look pretty for a night. I'll be your doll any day. ;D glad you liked NEW GIRL, and happy to make your blogging world so much easier, AND your welcome for being such an awesome asian. ;)

Brooke said...

you are my "china" doll ;) love you both

Shaylynn;) said...

Love her with bangs.. I need bangs again. Ugh. Perhaps this fall.

Happy UnBirthday.. But its the month so it counts.

Tara said...

Where did you get your blue shirt at, the one where you are wearing the cardigan over it? It's very cute. You are always so stylish and beautiful!