last day of September

Which also means its the last day of my birthday month.
Yea... this year I didn't do a day or a week, we did the whole month!
We ate at the copper onion and I wasn't thrilled. Maybe I just ordered wrong, maybe?
In other exciting news Court found out she was having a boy just before dinner.
I swear all my friends are either engaged, pregnant or just had a baby.

Work in progress

Remember how I have been talking about my film camera every now and again?
Its been a bit of a process and its almost over. There was some shipping back and forth, parts broken and fixed and finally, I got to see the results of my first roll. Now mind you, this was a quicky shoot at noon. Its a whole another ball game shooting digital v.s film. Tavis (who shoots strictly film) kept laughing at me because I would flip the camera over to look at the back, expecting to see a instant review that WAS NOT THERE. You have to make every shot count which is a refreshing way to take a picture. There is not a meter in the camera, so you have to use a handle held and everything takes a little more thought before clicking!!!  I find it exciting and fun. Almost like Christmas to have to wait to see the result, even though I am little disappointed with my first try.  I will only shoot film for braille&gold and for personal use. I have some work to do on my focus. Who wants to let me practice on them ??

Welcome to the world of no photoshop

Nature walk

Fall being my favorite time of year, I LOVE to be outdoors.
The kids didn't have school today, so this morning we made a little check list, grabbed some snacks and went on a hike.
It was a perfect fall morning. They LOVED searching for everything on their list.
Press play and take a listen to what we jammed to on our way up... my kids are the coolest.
" I promise you can always come home"


simple math

 You add, multiply and divide three cleverly written songs ...  you get perspective

 enjoy the view from where I stand




I have a rather embarrassing confession to make...

I am baby hungry

Now, coming from a girl who is recently divorced... I understand this isnt the most favorable time for the craving. Its kinda like the grass is always greener effect or you want what you cant have. Well, I know I am light years away from holding a little one in my arms but, I can day dream right?  I am honest, maybe too honest on my blog and its been a little up and down the last 5 months. I have had moments of both extremes. For the most part I can say I am doing well,  I have survived my busiest, most successful wedding season yet. I have been mom everyday and managed to maintain some sort of social/networking life. All while healing something that was broken. But still,  here I am not quite satisfied. Maybe I just like the visions I have of my life at that point. Maybe I cling to the calm chaos that comes with a newborn and the excitement wrapped around it. Maybe I am stuck on images like this, that fill my heart with warmth...

Image from pinterest



I find it extremely ironic that the morning of his scheduled hair cut little guy does this...

We had to improvise our original hair cut plans... 

oh well, it will grow....


Seven twelve

Yesterday, during my break from a wedding, I met up with my photog friend Tavis who happens to live in the Provo area. He showed me this pizzeria a couple months back and I have been in love with it since. The menus constantly changing and made up of all local products. Everythings creative, fresh and simply delicious. The beet appetizer rocked my world. If you are ever in Provo be sure to check it out.  
You will thank me later


Hot plans

I am a very social girl, I am always game for a dinner or lunch date. But sometimes there is nothing better than planing a quiet night with a hot bath. I shot a wedding Thursday, one yesterday and I am getting ready to head off to another. I have caffeine in hand, creative juices flowing and I am rewarding myself by coming home to this......Maybe Ill get myself a pumpkin spice latte and take a fall drive with the windows down, just to get nice and chilly before my bath.

oh, you want a melody for your day???... Ok


I like me

I wont lie, I like the way my mind works. I hear melodies and see photos in everyday moments. I don't realize I'm doing it. Every now and again, I catch myself and think...I kinda like me. I like the way I see the world, I like the fact I search for the bright side. I look past the crap more than I should. So much so, I probably am overly tolerant of things and people I shouldn't be. I can not stay mad, ever, really I cant. Its to exhausting to hold on to things, its a good and bad trait.  Im far from perfect...FAR and will never claim to be. Its just one of those days that I am grateful for simple things. This afternoon I was busy creating a picture perfect storyline while driving on the freeway. The melody that stuck out was The XX - heart skipped a beat. Its your lucky day, take a listen
Let your heart match the beat... 


If you relinquish ownership I will fully claim it as mine

it will catch up

you will see...

I speak through melodies

I dont want any other kind of reply



The best birthday Ive ever had...

I got a knock on my door from a three foot tall little man... He wanted to seat me at my dinner table. As I walked around the side of the house and sat down I got a little choked up... It was honestly one of the sweetest things anyone has ever had done for me. I enjoyed homemade Italian soda, fettuccine alfredo and angel food cake with strawberries. The best part of my meal was watching my "servers" smiles as they walked towards me, making sure I didn't need a napkin or a blanket. They only asked to be payed with kisses and I was more than happy to oblige. I enjoyed my dinner by candle light, under the stars with this song in the background.... it was priceless and the best birthday I have ever had. Ever....