oh justin

My favorite artist and a oldie. I might have swooned while listening to this...


Happy sunday

There is nothing like a take away show to make a happy sunday 



Mendo part one - Picnic

The one and only bon iver was my trip soundtrack, along with bits of a fine frenzy.
The combo was magical....

Pre picnic we got to meet up with one of my oldest friends Marci. She moved to San Fran a while ago and I wish she had a reason to come back to Utah and visit. There is honestly not a better girl out there....Dont mind the very basic snapshots :) We had a minor miss communication about where we would be meeting and the poor girl wound up spending a extra hour or so on the bart.. so, we found a delicious place to snack and wait for her arrival. 

I have the best friends in the whole world
The end



I have never been one who heals quickly.

If I get a scratch or bruise it lingers longer than most peoples do. 

This scar was on purpose, I have had it for a while now....

Its faint, almost unnoticeable and it is honest. 

I ordered my first printed canvas to be painted... Im excited yet afraid.

I would be crushed if I couldn't convey what my mind sees

Wish me luck.


I take home pretty things I like...

Heres to my Saturday night 



Sharing melodies

My friend Nathan Pickett sent me a little melody he thought I might like...well he was RIGHT. 
It has a simple happy vibe and  I dig it. Thanks nate!!!! 

Dear you



I have to remind myself to breathe this time of year. 
Summer and fall are always madness and thats why Im taking a break....

 and here

be back soon with lots of pictures

something pink

 We have been busy at our home getting ready for the upcoming school year! I remember being so excited for that first day, the nerves and praying for new friends. I would lay out my outfit by my bed and was positive this school year would be better than the last.
Getting a fresh hair do is part of the back to school process. B man could have cared less and just sat there playing angry birds while we both got our hair done. Poor guys stuck with us girls.
I cant believe how big they are both getting...

Don't go without me

This melodies from Liz and Colbys beautiful wedding I shot this evening.
I had heard the civil wars, but never this song.
I am a sucker for the word darling
Despite how I feel or how hard I try, I believe...

C'est la vie, C'est la mort



Bits of the last few days, via my phone...
a project
a new boyfriend
billy and his tattoos
stretching progress
and my modern girl


continued... and this song couldn't be more fitting

Paint me a picture of stories untold
of lies that were left on hold
The moments I earned and believed in
The kind that can only be experienced alone
Sadly, the truth needs to be told
I believe in love, but not as the kind most know
I see the wind blow, the earth rage and yet I buckle my knees
Refusing to become anything but one with validity
They say a person who falls within change is weak
Call me fragile and I will thank you...
Because I love within every piece of me.
Please, don't flatter yourself... I am who I am without you
You think for some reason you deceived me with your faded colors...
and here I am, only drawn to vibrant hues.
When will you realize the jokes all on you.

 to be continued...
Like all things, this could be read many different ways.
The intent is nothing but positive from every angle. Read it that way
Never in a million years, would I have thought I could share any of my writing....
these are pieces of my notebooks
.. be kind


Monday melodies



"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.
When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence" 
ansel adams 

lock and key