Summer nights

I LOVE walks, honestly I do. 
Simple summer nights make me happy. It was a no makeup day for me...
B man was bare foot half the walk cause he refuses to wear shoes,
and my little girl thought she would be incognito by becoming a tree. 
The things kids come up with
Happy Tuesday 

I thought it would be fun to play dress up with winter and snap a few pics. She is lovely

This song is special to me... take a listen and you will know why
Didn't know at the time it would ring so true... 
And though you fear where shadows fall
Theres nothing there to harm you at all
Uncover your eyes, presume uncertain skies 


Lindsay Teter said...

you're so pretty - without any make up on!

and i LOVE LOVE ben gibbard. can't wait to see him august 22nd.

Diana Smith said...

You are the cutest mom EVER!!

The four of us said...

Umm, invite me next time. You guys are HOT MOMAS!!!!!