Something golden

 For my first beauty babble I knew gold would need to be the focus, why you ask? Because there is nothing I love more than the hues of gold, its warm and versatile. I also LOVE dresses and skirts. I think you can dress anything up or down to make it casual. I paired this pleated skirt with a basic tee so I didn't feel overdressed at a local concert. Im sure this skirt will pop up in more post to come, its one of those signature pieces 

Top - grey tee by active
Belt - a find from target about 4 years ago
Skirt - is a lined pleated little number that I adore by Oxford
Shoes - Steve madden
Jewelry- Nordstrom


Michelle Kay said...

I post so much on your blog... should I be embarrased...meh. :) I love that skirt! Good find! Cute outfit and you are absolutely lovely, my dear!

Texie said...

I wanna know how you do your hair with the soft curl look!!! I'm in love with your hair!!!

Maggy R. said...

Love that beauty babble thing :) great look!! Zara have the same shoes with those thingy on it. here's the link.they are on sale ineurope :P

Music Mama said...

Beautiful as always. I adore your skirt.

Dari said...

You look fabulous! I have been looking for a cute pleated skirt, where did you get that? I love it! Keep up the fashion posts.

Hollie Noel said...

Im diggin the fact that you are doing "Beauty Babble" Ive got to ask...Where did you get that Head piece? head jewelry? :P Nordstroms?

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty! I'm w/ the commentor above, HOW DO YOU DO YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT?! Gorgeous!

Abby said...

I love your outfit Brooke! You have such great taste! :) I look forward to future beauty babbles! You should do a makeup tutorial too..I love your golden smokey eye!