Better late than never

Red white and blue

First off, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. I know, I know its a few days late but I was too busy having a blast with my kids and friends that I forgot to blog! Thank goodness I have the 24th of july coming up so I can redeem myself with firework pictures.

I am thrilled its the weekend.
Sadly, I still feel like a bus hit me, but I think I am getting better.
I  have to get better because tomorrow I have the honor of shooting this lovely ladies wedding.
Amy and I grew up in the same ward, her mom was my young womens leader and her sister was my nanny when I lived up north. To have it simply stated, I love their family. I am so excited for her and craig.

with that said, here is my weekends melody.
I am OBSESSIVE with this band
They make me happy

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