Rebound theory

The rebound theory
Everyone has a different view
Some say to hurry and get it out of the way, its inevitable
The sooner the better because then you can move on to something real.
My girl friends say there isn't a need for a rebound, you only need time to pass.
My guy friends tell me to get out there and break some hearts, string them along.
Isnt it funny to see how different men and women think.
I have mixed views on this touchy little topic, I think Ill just do my own thing.
  Either way I am honest and right now....
 I HONESTLY adore this song.
its tender!


kaysi van dyke fox said...

i think you should break some hearts!! ;) haha. we need to do indian food soon!!!

Brooke said...

DONE, this week its a date!

Anonymous said...

Your guy friends want you bad. Enough said.