My first marathon

I have always gone on spurts with running, but never trained for anything.  My friend kept bugging me to do a half marathon with her so I said what the heck, why not. Heres to getting my endurance up by september 3rd so I dont make a fool of myself. Its all mind over matter right? For those seasoned pros out there, tips are appreciated. Seriously, leave a comment


Music Mama said...

I cried at mile 11 on my first half marathon. People who were walking were going faster than I was, and I was running! Good luck :)

kristy said...

Remember my friend you didn't like at Keelie's 4th b-day. She was really large. She runs halfs all the time and love's it. If she can do it you can. Just sayin

i won't say who write this but you know who. Just in case.

Brooke said...

She wasnt very warm or nice, end of story

Anonymous said...

hey your in luck she's running this one too. so if you get too hot, which you will, just seek her out and all her coldness will help you cool off. just sayin

Maci Arvanitas said...

I ran a marathon and I would say charged ipod with great music(won't seem to be a problem for you:) ), everytime they have a water stand, drink up to stay hydrated!!, and also the the goo helped for me, but they kinda taste gross!

Katie said...

A couple of tips that I live by (I've done about 11 or 12 half marathons this past year):

Don't try anything new right before or during the race (aka trying a new drink or protein bar or gu).

For my very first half marathon I didn't set a time goal for myself and I am so glad that I didn't! Everyone kept telling me beforehand how terrible and difficult it would be, but because I didn't put pressure on myself I actually ended up LOVING half marathons (hence the reason why I've done so many! haha).

Along those same lines, when people try to tell you to "pace yourself" I would take that as "run as comfortably as you can and don't bother pushing yourself"...which is contrary to typical advice if you're trying to get better, but at this point you shouldn't be trying to get BETTER yet... you should just be proud of yourself for doing it at all! So have fun with it! :)

I honestly went pretty slow during my first half marathon, but because my only "goal" was to finish, I could care less about what the time clock said as I was crossing the finish line - the furthest I had run up to that point was a 10k (6.2 miles), so to double that with no training felt AWESOME and I actually felt great when I finished, not exhausted, which motivated me to keep doing it over and over.

kristiehollandphotography said...

Do it and love it...running always makes me feel so alive.

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...


google Hal Higdon....he has a great training schedule for a 1/2 or full marathon! Which 1/2 are you doing?

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

Never mind about which 1/2....I saw that you put a link to the one you are running! More importantly, what are you going to wear....I am in need of some new cute running any suggestions!