Mid day ramblings

 Summers always a little chaotic and I'm grateful to be busy. I have such a fun group of girlfriends who keep me laughing! If its not a girls night we are at the pool or the park with our kids, no exceptions. Kindergarten sign ups are soon and I'm sad my baby is no longer my baby. Its going to be strange to have BOTH Kitkat and B man in school full time. What will I do with the freedom?

Blush is growing and I am really proud of it. I got myself a snazzy medium format camera for Braille & Gold and managed to break it within the first 30 mins of the fed ex guy dropping it off. THANKFULLY, I have friends who are handy in this department. (see below). I have three California trips coming up that I'm really excited about.  Ill be headed to San Fransisco and Mendocino next month, L.A on my birthday for the Jesh workshop and Santa Monica in October...

As for some random mid day thoughts-

I am currently sipping on a warm flat diet coke. Its gross and yet, I keep going back for more

I am a little fearful for my trip next month, really excited but I wonder if I literally left my heart in San Fransisco.

B man has become very snugly and I am soaking up every minute I can.

Despite lathering on 70 SPF I'm still getting more color than Id like.

I don't envy relationships but, I do envy their little babies.

Id sell my soul for a charming little house and a back deck with bubble lights strung

I love the area I live in, the ward, the walks and the access for work.

"yea I'm sure I am tangled up on things you said out loud to me"

I miss watching food network everyday and trying new dishes.  I just need a real kitchen

and lets be honest, I am going to get my butt kicked on my half marathon.

Happy weekend


This post is as random as the mobile photos below


Joni and Rico Adams said...

I know what you can do with your freedom once kindergarten starts... hang with Aria and I!!

Maggy R. said...

I cant wait to see Braille and Gold.sorry about the camera though :s hope u got it fix.
there's always something to do when kids go to school :) u can find a new hobby!!