The last unicorn

      How can I say, I know there is something different, when I have only had one kind of experience. How can I expect a different outcome? Where do I draw the line between the dreamer in me and the logical side. Some people set false time lines for themselves. Once they get to "this" point they will be happy, once they have "this" situation will be better. I am not one of those people, its a rookie mistake. You will let your entire life pass by you before you realize, you could have found happiness within the phases. Foresight is a funny thing and its not always what it seems. I don't live my life creating and/or searching for those neon exit signs. If its not somewhere I wanted to be, I would have never stepped in the door to begin with. Is it okay to say, I don't believe in unicorns anymore?


Samantha Jane said...

life is about finding joy in the moments -- the small things. Because it is these small insignificant moments that make up the best parts of our lives. It's just most people are too busy searching for their unicorn that they miss them...they miss their life.

SARA BROOK said...

i'm pretty sure you took this out of my brain and transposed it into delicious english. thank you for being real. you still dream, just not in the way society has taught us to.. this way is better. the end. <3

Crystal said...

You will be happier now. The feeling of disappointment will finally be harder to achieve. Not that I think you should hex your dreamer side altogether...but it is wise to be on your toes. Life's not a fairytale.