I am so vain

Plus its MY blog right ;)

Who doesn't like pretty pictures. Lucky for me I have talented friends

Naturally I am going to spotlight a friends work and link to it, right?

So if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all

warm wishes 


As for those anonymous commenters, who repeatedly ask me to dish details of my past relationship.

I will not be baited into disputing rumors or dishing details. Some of the approaches have been hurtful.

 I would hope that you could be respectful about such a delicate topic.

 I respect the nature and privacy of it and have nothing of note to blog about.

I am honest about where I am and my perspective.

Thats all I am willing to share :)


Cortnie said...

I just read your Drowning Sleep post. I hope continue to feel better. I feel compelled to say something and I hope you don't mind. God knows your strong...stronger than you think you are. He must have something special waiting for you, because Satin works the hardest on those who are destined for greatness.

Breanne Unsicker Evans said...

Who cares what anyone says about you? You know the truth. Trust me I have been here and I know you have too. WE are amazing strong women and pretty much everyone can go suck a duck. Be strong and proud.


Shaylynn said...

There is no vanity in having a picture or two or twenty.. that makes you feel better about yourself.

Does is make a celebrity vain, a model vain? We take thousands of photos of our kids to capture memories. Why should memories cease to be captured?

A life captured in photos is something we always get to keep. how fortunate.

As for the annonoymus comments.. Cowardly.

Lets be kind to one another.

ashley @ divorced at 20 said...

Amen to you...Everyone respects you for keeping your details private and all I have heard you say was "it just didnt work out" and that is an amazing thing to be able to say and keep it at.

grace said...

I repect you for sharing your feelings, and your honesty but not spewing your personal life if you'd rather not. I love your photography and your words. I have followed your blog for some while, and you gave me inspiration while i went through my divorce-Some days i would wake up and just couldnt describe the way i felt and my insistant need for tears, Your blog put the words right in front of me and with comfort knowing i was not the only that 'felt'. so for that- i thank you!

Maggy said...

I really dont get sometimes how people can be so cruel, rude, gossip etc...I actually get it, but it's just sad!!!!
I think u said more than enough, and u dont even have to. U are probably too kind to explain anything at all!

love the pics, love ur friend's blog.I found another fotog blog through that one...what will we do without internet lol :)

*god bless*

kaysi van dyke fox said...

well, youre gorgeous so youre allowed to be!! :) & i love how graceful you have been throughout your divorce because i dont know if i could!! youre amazing!!

Stacey Sargent said...

Thanks so much for linking to that post of mine. I really do think women need to be nicer to each other and to ourselves! PS your photographs are gorgeous.