Friday night is DATE NIGHT

    photos by Ciara

 Its not very often friday nights are free, I am normally shooting a wedding or something work related. My gorgeous friend Ciara shares the job title of photographer but, lucky for me she got off early and could be my movie date. I got out of the car and asked her two questions, sour or sweet? faces or frogs? She looked at me rather perplexed, that was my way of making her chose sour patch kids or harbo mini rainbow frogs. I secretly wanted the frogs so I was thrilled about the outcome.
Now that we are past the important topic of theater candy, on to the movie.
Midnight in paris was WONDERFUL! I was so happy the whole time, its full of clever word play and poetry. I wont lie .... I feel like I belong in europe. One fine day I will walk the streets of italy and maybe paris. It will be a beautiful day.
I LOVED Tree of life but I LOVED LOVED midnight in paris. Make sure you see it.

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Hannah said...

I am horrible and almost always bring my own candy, usually Gobstoppers. That movie looks so good!I will probably go see it now, it sounds awesome. I love me some clever word play and poetry!