Beauty Babble

Love this song

Its back and with a twist, it will have some new and improved topics too. Since I get asked where I got that dress, or what color is your red nail polish ect. I will be doing outfit breakdowns as well as trial and error of new products. Feel free to ask me whatever questions come to mind. I can promise you one thing...I am no professional stylist or make up artist but Ill share my little bit I do know. I just figure I can share my favorite finds. So ask away or wait for its first official post.


Tara said...

Your style is amazing! I'm excited for this new addition. I would love to know how you do your eye makeup and what you use. Your eyes are always so pretty!

Michelle Kay said...

Yes! :) You do have the BEST clothes!

Diana Smith said...

My all time favorite arcade fire song!

Joe, Amber, Ken and Ellie said...

Wonderful addition to the blog! You are always so classy and adorable, I can't wait for these posts to come!