acoustic love

I was tickled to see mr Pablo Blaqk live last night. I think a true artist sound better without all the bells and whistles of a studio. He is defiantly one of those artist. I also really enjoyed two of his openings acts. In fine feathers, who I think had a really cool sound, a mix of Tegan and sara/ lykke ly. Then Tessa Barton, who's a amazing writer with a awesome voice to back it up. I am looking forward to my summer concert line up. I need to create a blog label for the band shots blog post. Help me think of a clever name.




The Chrissy Herself said...

How about {B} Groupie :-) I bet these bands would love to hire you for album artwork too... great shots!

Shaylynn said...


*perfectlullabies* that's pretty dang good.