Sun child

Here in Utah we finally welcomed summer.
There are lots of days by the pool with my kidlets in the works. Planning our camping trip and enjoying bike rides. We are basking in the warmth, sunblock and snow cones are part of the territory. A moms summer isn't necessarily glamourous but, its just as much fun.

As for a current anthem... who would have thought I could branch out. 
Yes I have rap on my i pod. It makes up my running playlist

"I know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold"


The winner is chosen by random draw 

Lauren said-

"That's a tough one! Adele or Jack Johnson, maybe? Something cool and relaxed but enough pep to make you happy and energized.

I'm not sure if you need an individual comment for each but I've done all three. =)"

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Shaylynn said...

Freaking Brooke. :)

Michelle Kay Shuman said...

Cute, cute swimsuit!!! You should start a fashion blog! :) P.S. I love the music you have on here! You have great taste!

KrisFlower said...

HI Brooke,
I'm looking for a swimsuit similar to yours for a costume I'm putting together for Burning Man...I would greatly appreciate it if you'd let me know where you got it. Im hoping it comes in black and white!!!!

Kristi Flower