The Generationals + the movies

This band makes me happy

I wiggle a little in my seat as they play

I am working on braille and gold tonight...

its fulfilling 



side note: I LOVE my hair but, while watching
jake and anne do their thing last night,
anne made me think brown for a split second... she is lovely

Which brings me to this, 
I watched a love story of sorts last night
I have seen parts of it before, but I never finished. I ended up loving it.
Over all it was a mistake...Lets be honest with ourselves, life's rarely like the movies. The only way to be disappointed is for expectations not to be met. I am wondering how low my expectations need to be. We all do it, find characters in movies we relate to, yet some how, our ending isnt quite the same. The entire movie we know what will happen. Something will trigger the realization of what life is all about. It will lead into the epic moment of things left unsaid and the world making sense again. The selfish fears all fall to the side, because there is something bigger at work, truth and love.
Why do we feed our minds with such nonsense.
The truth is, most of us live real love stories and they are nothing like the movies.
Luckily, they can be just as beautiful and rewarding.
I have been doing research, taking notes of peoples stories.
Seems odd and a little silly, right?
 You might be confused about some of the blog post to come.
Dont worry, it will all make sense in time.
There will be a wide range of opinions expressed, some good, some bad.
Im a dreamer and a sucker for the epic moment in movies but, I am real.
Happy wednesday


Crystal Durrant said...

Just one of your many talents- your ability to feel with words. Just read through your last few posts. Love ya girl~

ps. you are looking as beautiful as ever!

Kaitlin Marie Photography said...

Love the song! I'm putting a playlist together for my roadtrip to UT and this is a definite addition. As a matter of fact, I steal pretty much all the songs you post.

Cassie said...

I can't wait for your Etsy shop. I don't even know what you are going to do, but I am excited for it. :)