Do you know what its like...

Do you know what its like to think you have your life plan set?
I have to remind myself that theres a new story to write....
the ending will always be the same, but the middle has yet to fall in place.

I have been afraid but never alone

I have felt ashamed 

I have felt safe for a brief moment 

I have been tragically disappointed 

I have been in love... the bad kind

I have been in love... the good kind 

I have been lied too, I have lied to myself 

I have been elated and truly happy 

I have been resentful and angry

I have been completely heart broken


I will not shy away from the challenge 

I will wait till I am ready

Until I am whole



Shaylynn said...


It will happen.

jen Fairchild said...
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Anonymous said...

okay, I love, love, love this song. How did you find it? It's the end song on the movie Phanelopie, and I have always loved it and wanted to hear the whole thing. Thanks for posting.

love kris