I had a wedding in Vegas saturday...
The bride is a sweetheart 
The groom adores her....

it was HOT and VERY windy

there were lots of bright lights

... I treated myself to magazines

.... and sushi

 Less than 24 hours later, I flew home to utah for a run.....

and then took some down time

I have been finding running very therapeutic

 All I can feel is my heart and my thighs on fire

I think a masochistic part of me enjoys pushing it harder than I normally would

I am lucid after and I can focus on getting my plans in place

I have said thousands of times, I am a girl who needs to feel things, good or bad

But for the very first time in my life.....

 Id give absolutely anything to feel cold and apathetic

 Unfortunately, Im not that kind of person, blessing and a curse


On a side note- manchester orchestra has a new album, I am loving it


Olivia said...

After a while, it will feel more like a blessing than a curse ;) Loved the song. xoxo

Kandice said...

I'm loving that album, too. Simple Math is such a cool song and the video is awesome! Running is very therapeutic to me also. My body starts to crave it. I hope you're doing well and can't wait to see the Vegas wedding pics.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. I always accomplish sooooooooooo much more when I exercise in the morning. Therapeutic.... more than anything in my arsenal. Your HOTTTT by the way... just sayin!

love kris