Inspire me

Im going to spare you the paragraph about my need to create something big. My need to feel heard and be understood. Atleast for tonight, I will spare you the ups and downs and how my heart feels, but I will share my inspirations. I think I will be sharing a lot within these next few months. I am not always so heavy, honestly, I am not. I am vibrant and witty with a touch of passion, but yes... I am more expressive these days, and for my own sanity I express myself. Enjoy the things that are keeping me grounded, the post may be far to many, but its all part of the process. Possibilities are endless and thankfully Im my most creative and driven under a little grit. Its a merry go round, the key is finding that spot to focus on so you don't get dizzy. 

I have a few girl crushes and alison is one of them. enjoy

here is another favorite melody of hers, although you can never pick just one

I even saw her live once. It was 2008 but still....


Lindsay Teter said...

i love near to you. one of my favorite songs by a fine frenzy. you have great taste in music Miss Brooke :)

Lauren Ricci said...

I love how open and honest you are about your feelings, your heart and your inspirations. Not many people are that way and it's refreshing to see someone who is willing to share their hardships to help others. I am struggling with infertility and have been for a few years and put it all out there on my blog too.

I love reading your blog and find it to be inspiring. I also very much enjoy your taste in music and you speak to my soul when you talked about words tugging at your heartstrings, because I feel the same way. Please keep writing and sharing because you truly are amazing. Best of luck during your new Etsy venture. I look forward to picking up some of your art :)

Shaylynn said...

You were really tan in 2008. :)

It will get better.

Brooklynn Photography said...

Hey Lady! I totally agree with Lauren....for some reason people feel the need to put on such a show for their blogs and tell a bunch of lies. I guess you can be anyone you want to be on your blog...maybe thats why??
Your an incredible woman and so so strong! Hang in there girl!
Hope to do lunch again sometime soon! Let's Hang!!