A filler post

Who doesn't love random filler post. 
I think a part of me is trying to separate new from the old.
Almost as if, I can distance myself from the change if I let that part of my life become filed in the archives. I don't believe in erasing blog posts, but I am looking forward to a fresh start.
There was a twist in my story a few weeks ago, one I didnt see coming, but its okay. I will light heartily address the topic one of these nights so I quit getting emails with questions. Just know, I am a tough girl and good at this kinda thing. I am thankful for so much and focus on the things in life I can control.

Here are a few melodies I have on repeat lately

I ADORE Lykke Li, always have, always will.
I am really loving her new album, and this song in particular

A friend showed me this song and oddly enough I really like it. I am NOT a rap kinda girl...but I made a exception for this one

 This ones delish....
 The whole album start to finish....mmmm

Last but not least.... the one and only Adele...

Happy Thursday everyone


Joni and Rico Adams said...

Good tunes! I love Lykke Li and had no idea she released a new album. Perfect :)

Shaylynn said...

Love you.

Kjerstine said...

Hey lady!
love that you have kid cudi on here :) You'll get through your wind storm- faith.
Lykke Li performs often in Seattle!! So when you fly up one day for my awaited photo shoot hopefully there is a performance!!
:) love your blog, love your inspiration, love your story. Glad I know you through the fab. world of fb and blogging!!!

Crystal said...

Well-said! Lovely. I don't know you well, but I know you are strong. I get that when i'm around you.

On another note, you forgot to post about the puppies. :(

Kacie said...

Hope you are doing ok. You are an amazing person and know you are tough as nails!

ashley @ divorced and 21 said...

I love the music choice. You are an amazing lady

Miss Alicia said...

I'm sorry :( you've been thru a lot. Hang in there!