apparently we eat a lot

My sweet friend joni is almost due and we cant wait to meet her little one.
Heres a peek of the mini session I did for her.

Food.... I am a girl who likes to eat and I love trying new places, from the fancy new restaurant to the little corner coffee shop. Joni saw the post I had about a neighborhood pizza place and said she had to try it! Since a few ladies missed her baby shower we wanted to treat her to a girls night out.
I LOVE veggie dishes and Zs pizzeria has a killer garlic veggie pizza with a white sauce. I have been hearing Este pizza is better so I will have to report back after we try it.

Only 3 more weeks till we get to meet her little beauty

Court was sweet enough to do a little foot zoning on jonis poor swollen feet.
Afterwards we deiced to tap into our inner child. I have forgotten how much fun trampolines are!!!
But I will say, my bodies not as resilient as it used to be.....

If that outing wasnt enough a few of us moms started getting together at the park for picnics. The last gathering we had was "catered" by star of india which is my newest addiction. I swear they put crack in the coconut shrimp curry dish... SOOOO GOOD.

Over all, this was a lovely week and I am looking forward to a even better weekend.
Happy friday everyone

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Kimberlee said...

Oh God. I HATE the picture of you, me and Court. Um, fat arms?! Dear Brooke, teach me to pose without looking HUGE, and also to eat less. You are a beauty.