Why my husbands cooler than yours....

For starters I occasionally wake up to notes on our bathroom mirror......
I particularly enjoyed this one, I spent a solid 5 minutes making faces as a pirate
He mental notes songs he thinks Id like, even if its not his style 
and some times he will download one for me ... like this one

next up, hes started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S
If you know me, you know I LOVE that series
I can kick your butt in scene it f.r.i.e.n.d.s
try me..I dare you

Its become our nightly bed time show...
 although its intertwined with ESPN

and to top it all off
 sometimes he does this...

There are several other reasons my husbands cooler than yours
but those are the top few of the moment.



Anonymous said...

WOW! Your husband is so much cooler than mine. ARRRGGH!

love kris

P.S. love the song so perfect for you.

Lindsay Teter said...

adorable. he seems fun! pretty awesome hubs you got!

Longhurst Family said...

Hold tight to that one. He's awesome!!! Glad he knows what he has.
love ya

Crystal said...

Sweet. Mine is pretty sweet too though. And cool. :)
Also, I am officially challenging you guys to Friends scene it. OFFICIALLY. We will kill it.

Katie said...

What a sweetheart! You're a lucky girl, indeed ...

Kandice said...

My husband and I LOVE Friends and Friends Scene it! I beat everyone!!
I'm so happy you two found each other!

Kandice said...

I used to fall asleep to Friends, it was my nightly bedtime story until it got to the point of me not being able to sleep unless it was either playing or the theme song at the menu was playing. I would wake up to turn it back on, it annoyed my husband,a lot...had to take the TV out of the bedroom after that, but I love me some Friends.

Dave, Cadance and Family said...

How sweet!!! I will challenge you to scene it f.r.i.e.n.d.s ;) That is my all time favorite show and game lol I know I am a dork haha..