My favorite little man

I had a date today with a 3 ft tall handsome little boy. 
Not only is he lovely company, but he even serenaded me.
 The songs far from a "love song" but he sang it with passion
He loves belting out the OOOHH and when they name the states
(I promise to post a video cause its the cutest thing you will ever see)
We ran a few errands, met a friend for lunch at Les Madelines and took a quick nap afterwards
Today was a wonderful afternoon
Watch out, he might steal your heart too

Ps: this is a lemon delight, I speak of them often and its because they are the best!
They have a real name, but it doesn't convey how yummy they are so I simply renamed them


Taylee said...

That boy is going to be a serious heartbreaker! You must take me to try that lemon delight, my mouth was watering.. Loves! court

Joni and Rico Adams said...

Billy is adorable even as he's growing into a little man.
And I have yet to try this lemon delight you speak of. Since I'm not a huge chocolate fan this is a must. Next visit it's mine :)