Its spring

I call my sister in North Carolina and ask what shes up too. 
Well she took her kids for a picnic and was sitting outside basking in a beautiful east coast spring day. 
I then call my sister in California and ask what shes doing. 
Oh shes dragging her kids in from playing outside in the warm sunlight.
Probably having to bribe them with promises of Popsicles, while I sit here frozen like one.
I called to feel better but get off the phone grumpier than before.
 Why do I have to force coats and shoes on my kids before they step one foot outside,
 when everyone else has retired their winter wardrobe....
Oh that's cause its spring in Utah.... also known as NOT SPRING
 These last few weeks have put a major damper on my shoots and my spirits.
 I am complaining because first off.. I am sick of it and want to complain. 
Secondly, its my blog and I can. 

apparently I don't post pictures when I am dressed and have make up on anymore. I apologize
These frozen photos were taken last sunday.... I kid you not 

 But our little family stays warm inside cuddling with blankets and the pup
Maybe we will get a real taste of spring or maybe we will just skip the season all together and merge right into summer. That's a nice thought

Hope your springs warmer than mine
xoxo B


Diana Smith said...

Your sister is soo lucky!! But I love your hat! and your hair is still looking pretty!

Kandice said...

I know, this Utah spring really sucks. We're sick of it, too. As are our dogs. And your dog is adorable!

Shaylynn said...

love you. that's all. that's a lot though:)

ashley @ divorced and 21 said...

the dog has to be the most adorable thing ever.