Whole hearted

I woke up at 4am from a nightmare that left a heavy weight on my mind and my chest. We all know that feeling, the one where it takes you half the day to shake it off. I tossed and turned, but was unable to fall back asleep. Out of pure restlessness I began messing around on my laptop in bed, trying to distract myself from that looming feeling. I stumbled upon a video a friend posted.... Now I am sure most of you are thinking, whoa this is cheesy or who watches that stuff, but its truly something that pertains to everyone. I had to share it
I don't care who you are, what you claim to feel or how you bottle your thoughts and emotions.... at some point in life we all crack and become vulnerable. Its extremely scary and daunting to think if we want to be truly happy... we have to do hard things. Sometimes I reflect about my life and feel like I am already 45 years old. I have had some hard moments, some of which have been due to my own choices. Other moments, I have honestly felt like a sitting duck repeatedly having bombs dropped on me. That's the mind set I want to change. Because each hard moment is a chance for me to learn something great. It might make me feel twenty years older but I know it will be worth it. We cannot live life thinking we can make everything that is uncertain, certain.




Cut out all the ropes and let me fall

Right in the moment this order's tall

When there is a complete loss of words, a stupor of thought or a lack of understanding.

Only a melody can convey your heart



Down in the valley cover by Billy

(for some reason its in speedy mode, sorry)
He acts a little different when he can see himself on camera, but its adorable non the less. 
On another side note, I got my lamp I have been wanting for so so very long. 
 Now I just need to find the perfect spot. 
It makes me happy

Happy Friday 


My favorite little man

I had a date today with a 3 ft tall handsome little boy. 
Not only is he lovely company, but he even serenaded me.
 The songs far from a "love song" but he sang it with passion
He loves belting out the OOOHH and when they name the states
(I promise to post a video cause its the cutest thing you will ever see)
We ran a few errands, met a friend for lunch at Les Madelines and took a quick nap afterwards
Today was a wonderful afternoon
Watch out, he might steal your heart too

Ps: this is a lemon delight, I speak of them often and its because they are the best!
They have a real name, but it doesn't convey how yummy they are so I simply renamed them

Its spring

I call my sister in North Carolina and ask what shes up too. 
Well she took her kids for a picnic and was sitting outside basking in a beautiful east coast spring day. 
I then call my sister in California and ask what shes doing. 
Oh shes dragging her kids in from playing outside in the warm sunlight.
Probably having to bribe them with promises of Popsicles, while I sit here frozen like one.
I called to feel better but get off the phone grumpier than before.
 Why do I have to force coats and shoes on my kids before they step one foot outside,
 when everyone else has retired their winter wardrobe....
Oh that's cause its spring in Utah.... also known as NOT SPRING
 These last few weeks have put a major damper on my shoots and my spirits.
 I am complaining because first off.. I am sick of it and want to complain. 
Secondly, its my blog and I can. 

apparently I don't post pictures when I am dressed and have make up on anymore. I apologize
These frozen photos were taken last sunday.... I kid you not 

 But our little family stays warm inside cuddling with blankets and the pup
Maybe we will get a real taste of spring or maybe we will just skip the season all together and merge right into summer. That's a nice thought

Hope your springs warmer than mine
xoxo B


Why my husbands cooler than yours....

For starters I occasionally wake up to notes on our bathroom mirror......
I particularly enjoyed this one, I spent a solid 5 minutes making faces as a pirate
He mental notes songs he thinks Id like, even if its not his style 
and some times he will download one for me ... like this one

next up, hes started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S
If you know me, you know I LOVE that series
I can kick your butt in scene it f.r.i.e.n.d.s
try me..I dare you

Its become our nightly bed time show...
 although its intertwined with ESPN

and to top it all off
 sometimes he does this...

There are several other reasons my husbands cooler than yours
but those are the top few of the moment.