With this bright of hair....
There is no introduction needed

The first night I cried, and to say I cried is a major understatement. In all honesty, I had a melt down and couldn't sleep. I got up a million times during the night to go look in the mirror and see that my hair was indeed Flaming red. (creepy compulsive ..I know) The next day I shot a wedding and my clients didn't recognize me. It made me a little uneasy because every reaction I had got from friends and clients was ...WHOA . Then yesterday we were invited to dinner with my in laws and I wasn't wanting to go. I knew my hair wouldn't slide under the radar. In fact my brother in law shook my hand at dinner and introduced himself being funny :)
I started to feel like I had a flashing neon sign above my head.
But Finally today I woke up and really liked it.

We all know the rule, never make drastic hair changes if its emotionally driven or you haven't thought it through. I have been talking for the last year about going RED. So when I found myself after a long week with a free afternoon, I made a last minute appointment. I had very dark hair and never go far outside my comfort zone. So to get the red hair I wanted, I knew I would have to bleach the heck out of it....AND we did. 
7 hours later I was officially a red head. The plan is to lighten it again but my poor hair needed a break.     
Its VERY different and will be fun to play a new role.
 For the first time in my life I am not the brunette.
 Thankfully Steven doesn't like it, he loves it.
But enough talking about my hair..



Lauren said...

I LOVE IT!! I occationally got red too and get the same reaction from my husband- he love it, and everyone else WOAH. Rock it girl you look great


Longhurst Family said...

Maybe I should go RED! I wonder if Wayne would love it? It looks real nice, Brooke!

Catherine Anne said...

I love it!! I'm still not brave enough to dye my hair, let alone abandon the brunette, but YOU absolutely rock it!!!

Kandice said...

I love it!! You look gorgeous! Your hair always looks awesome but that red is!

Dari said...

I love love love it! I am the queen of drastic hair changes, it is so refreshing to me. You look great!

Maggy said...

I saw you on facebook, I love it!! I wanna go red, but lighter, probably what u were saying u wanted to be?
You look better!! it adds so much more to your personality, from my point of view of course lol

Crystal said...

Brooke, your gorgeous (with brown, red, blue hair or even I'm sure you could pull off a shaved head and still look amazing!)! I am loving the red! I love that you went for it. It looks great!

Jen Herem said...

i would be the SAME way.. when i did a little red in may hair i stared at myself in the mirror for days.. totally vain. ha ha. i love it on you though.. you can pull anything off. i put a tiny burgundy tint in my dark hair last night. i know.. super daring, right?

get together soon? i need to call you.


Shaylynn said...

I bleeping love it, a lot.

Diana Smith said...

You look really pretty! It really lightens your face! But honestly you look amazing always!!

Latoya said...

I love it! You look wonderful!