Behind the scenes

This is me ..... 

This is what my world looks like most nights

Its not as glamorous a job as some people think..

I really like this side of my job.

I am fresh out of a hot bath after a bone chilling shoot

Sipping a steaming cup of tea

Listening to this song

No glitz, no fuss, just rocking my PJ's

Only downfalls...

The bright light can be over stimulating and my butts fully numb from sitting so long.... 

ahhh, another lovely Saturday night with me and my mac

side note: if you wanna see what I was working on "LIKE" the blush facebook page.
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Ill be posting all the sneak peeks and updates there.


Katie said...

Your work is so beautiful, and it does seem pretty glamorous to those of us who only see the finished product! I can only imagine what hard work it must be, though ... Thanks for giving us a little peek inside. Happy Sunday!

Diana Smith said...

That is so awesome that you can be your own boss and work in your home! You have such a creative job that you are perfect for though!!

Anonymous said...

Please if you don't mind, would you show a picture of your disc packaging? Ive seen quite a few that were unimpressive to say the least, but I figured yours would be both attractive and functional. so I have high expectations ;)

Blush said...

Im about to disappoint my last blog commenter:) but I am a low key simplistic kinda photog on the packages. I mail my dvds out so they are in basic clear or white cases, so shipping isnt outrageous. Everyone does it there own way, and for me its whats ON the disc that counts :). If I were to produce higher end cases I would up my prices :) have a wonderful day