Valentines is hands down my favorite holiday. Why Valentines above all the others you might ask ....

There is no other day you are guaranteed flowers and a sweet note.
Breakfast in bed (I made the breakfast for my 3 valentines)
Hopefully a playlist to set the mood 
and some focused time with the one you love. 
In my case it means a whole evening I wont be competing with ESPN ;)

Love is one of those things you have to remember to show. It sounds bad when you say it that way but its true. Its impossible to be perfect in showing gratitude for your other half and how much they do for you. Thats why valentines is perfect, its a day to reflect and go out of your way to say...I love you. 

So baby, its simple really ...
You make my world go round
I am beyond thankful for everything you do 
and I will love you always
Love B

Here is a melody to you from me

Hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day 


Katie said...

This is so sweet, Brooke! Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, too ...

carl and em said...

brooke you are so gorgeous. and your darling kids are the cutest!!

Diana Smith said...

This is so cute! I love the picture of your kids, they model like children, seriously, all from you girl!

I Heart Salt Lake said...

That valentines picture is too cute!