He makes me smile

Hey babe. ..I miss you
 Im at the bottom of the hill, come see me....
 Oh and bring a gas tank. - Steven

When he got in the car with me I had this song playing...He told me nice choice in music
I thought I was rather funny

He knows me well enough to know I always play a song with intent
This is the third time, so I dont want to hear any poor steven comments :)
Im wondering if public humiliation will make him learn a lesson 



LookieLooSuz said...

Haha, hilarious!!

Diana Smith said...

It must be a man thing cause my husband did that for like 3 weeks straight, hey I ran out of gas can you come get me!! Its like ummm no!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke I think you and Chet can truly bond like no other now. It must be comforting to you to know that you aren't the only one married to a person who pulls "Kristys." THat was a total "Kristy." The only difference is Steve does it with a flare of romance and humor. I do it with panic, stress,complete chaos,and to make it worse without a cell phone too.

love kris