Something sexy

Remember that project I said I was working so hard on, well its coming together nicely!
Check out Blush for all the details. Hope you all have a wonderful news years eve.
I will be shooting a awesome wedding today and cannot wait
goodbye 2011, 2012 is looking to be a epic year.


Merry and bright

Hope everyones christmas was merry and bright
A fun blog post is on its way


Ill be .... for christmas

I joke around the holidays that I am a orphan. I got a urge to be anywhere but here, just change our view a little. Which means this Christmas, the kids and I are headed to the west coast for a Christmas get away.  I want to make it special for them, something they will remember. I have hid all the gifts from santa in a box and am getting the car packed up first thing in the morning. My edits are done and 2011s loose ends are pretty much tied up. Its time for just me and my littles.
San Fran here we come.


Just another work day

Sheryll and I have been working hard on this little project!
Let me just say, its so nice working indoors during the winter.
Weddings leave me out in the cold and jealous of full time studio photogs this time of year.
I basically drug my bedroom into the studio space. Yes, my room consists of linens, my favorite mirror and candles, Im a simple girl...well in that regard.
You will get to see the results soon!  It was just another workday being goofballs.
We had this song on repeat the whole shoot, mmmmm its simply delish.
Special thanks to Chris and Talia
You guys rock

 I was feeling left out next to my two favorite Asians! (not being offensive promise ;)


Happy monday

I am at a loss for clever words, due to the fact I am sick. I am on my LAST SESSION of the year and can twiddle my thumbs and say, I AM ALL CAUGHT UP! Believe me, these little moments are something us photographers bask in. Why??? because its rare. Kinda like when you wash and put away your last bit of laundry. You sigh with relief and enjoy the fabric softer smell for a brief moment, only to find a new pile has accrued. Anyways, I hurried and threw together a new years card to send out to family and friends. So today I share our holiday wish and something funny.
Happy Monday B


Happy Sunday

Hope your morning was as delightful as mine.
Heres a little gift from me to you.
You're welcome


Love more

 Its quiet here
 I still miss you
 I cant keep doing this thing we do
 I cant take you into this new year
its too hard
but, I miss you


 The original ...and the cover.



It is so true, that our ideals are the things that blind us from our own path. That for whatever reason, we cant see past the images burned into our minds. I find inspiration in so many things, sometimes its hard to see just "one" way of life, one ideal ending or one perfect path. I love change, most people fear it but me, I crave it. I need to to keep my life interesting. Over lunch with a photog friend we talked about the up coming year and my branding, I asked her opinion. Do you think my clients notice that every 6 months I get board of my black&white edit, so I change it. Do they notice the changes in my branding or the fact I switched my approach to documenting families??? Her reply was "You are consistently inconsistent." At first I wasn't sure how to take that. I mean, is it a good thing or a slap in the face? She defended her comment by saying, "The emotion is what makes you, you. The rest doesn't matter. You adapt to the client" I know I can change my logo or my branding and it wont impact my clients because, its about the story, the people and the love. What you see is what you get, sometimes I just throw in a upgrade. Who doesn't like a upgrade? Within photography everyone say PICK a style, a brand and do not venture from it. But I feel, as if I am constantly tweaking or "evolving" if you will. Whats the point of being creative if you cant be .... creative. So, being consistently inconsistent is the best complement a artist can get. While I am brainstorming my new branding I have a million ideas. But I also know in a year it will need a face lift anyways. While working on a inspiration board I thought I would share something pretty with you all.
  No ones life turns out how they thought it would. Thankfully,  we can paint our own ideal.
Choose to be happier...
images via pinterest


Family pictures sneak peek

It's been days now
And you change your mind again
It feels like years,
And I can tell how time can bend your ideas

And the boys go on and on and on and on
And there's gold falling from the ceiling of this world
Falling from the heartbeat of this girl
Falling from the things we should have learned
Falling from the things we could have heard

Well it's been days now
And you change your mind again
All the cracks in the walls reminds you of things we said
And I could tell you that I wont hurt you this time
But it's just safer to keep you in this heart of mine

Its been over two years since I got REAL family photos done that I can display.
Special thanks to my talented sweet friend ciara. More to come!


This little clip is dead on, hang around a group of girls one/more of these things WILL BE SAID... I laughed so hard as I watched this.
Lets be real, we whine about how little sleep we got or what time we need to be up in the morning.
We joke about twinner outfits, we repeat LISTEN way more than we should and I have said the exact words
"do I look like a doily"
Now if only they made one about men... I bet I could write the script. 
Other Tuesday tid bits and things this girl says...
I am STILL in my work out gear and have no plans to change
Im running on a solid TWO hours of sleep, but laundry is done, dinners made and my sick girls feeling better.
I refused to look at my phone more than twice today, I needed a disconnect from the world.
I am only three...count it THREE sessions away from being completely caught up with edits. That is until I add this months weddings to the mix.
I have been keeping my running goal but I totally biffed it last night on black ice. Its okay to laugh at me, Im sure the passing cars did.
Finding teachers their Christmas gifts is a pain because my kids have A LOT of input. I cant convince Bman that his teacher will not want a paddle ball toy with candy.
Lastly, I am looking forward to a bath and my Tuesday night Tivo. New girl and modern family are my happy places.

Happy Tuesday everyone


Dr Suess Christmas tree... well almost

Once again, my vision wasnt the easiest to find. I think next year, we will have to go cut down our own tree to get the look we want. I have been spoil and always had a pre lit tree. Who knew getting lights up would be such a pain the butt. Please dont look closely at my string job. The kiddo were thrilled to finally have it up. Kitkat has been using my old D300 and learning to take pictures. We have been working together on it quite a bit. Not bad composition for an 8 year old. Proud mama
Happy Sunday 


Angry birds DIY

Like everyone else, my kids LOVE angry birds. At the 7 eleven they had angry birds gummy candies. Kitkat and Bman were thrilled and got the idea to play angry birds in real life. So they set up a fort built out of play dough and gathered all the pigs. Every pig you knocked down, you got to eat. Bman was BEAMING and so pleased with his invention.

knock on wood

"What if I wait and you don't show
If I left you half just to keep me whole
What if I held my breath so long
Would you notice the silence had lasted so long
What if the closest I get to the moment is now
I have seen love come & go
I watched it pass with my heart held close
There's no easy way to know
If I'm looking back or if I'm getting close
What if the closest I get to the moment is now
Love it has no guarantees
Which muse will lay it's hands on me
We said the words we knocked on wood
And I'm still here waiting to see what could be.
What if the closest I get to the moment is now?"

Que violins  


cursive line

Image via pinterest

I love words, I love the way they look on canvas.
I love the way they look on paper but, I love them most when they are true. I loved them when they came from you.
My world is made up of cursive lines. Every word, every line connecting to the next.
The moments linger and build upon each other, creating a story of who I will become.
Those little lines lead me to my happiness. They lead me to safety and sincerity.
Until then, these loops and curves I am accustom too.
Still, there is no broken line, I'm crossing my t's and dotting my i'.
Because I know the best is yet to come.

The giveaway is below along with a melody straight from my heart.

My word of the day is...
cake |kāk| dry or harden into a solid mass


I am offering a free mini session giveaway
All you need to do is ...
Step one: follow Bits of B and like Blush photography via FB
Step two: comment your favorite word and why on this blog post 
Step Three: share this link on your Facebook wall/ Blog

Winner chosen from random draw Friday afternoon
Good luck everyone
Update: First off I want to say THANK YOU to all who entered. Just know I plan to keep these fun giveaways coming. So be sure to check in and say hello from time to time. 
Drum roll please....The winner is 
curtis+ash said...
"I have a lot of favorite words. I love the word Tenacity, meaning to hold or to hold fast and also meaning persistent determination. I also just love the way it sounds. It's funny because one of my other favorite words is cake, because when you say it, you can almost taste it!
Your photography is beautiful."

The Cinema

I have always been a movie lover. I am super easy date as well, all I need is dinner and movie....
Either I am at the cinema or hiding out in my bed with a couple snacks and i tune downloads.
Since I see a lot of movies but never share the keepers, I thought a blog post was in order.
On my to see list... tinker, sailor, solider, spy, Anonymous and Young adult
Here is a personal review 

I like beautifully filmed movies but Melancholia was to much of a mind trip for me to enjoy. If you set that aside, the acting was amazing and the visual aspect was stunning
For lovers only is a windswept black and white photographers delight. Or maybe its the wanderlust side of me that just drools over the scenes of Europe.
Like crazy was smart and real. I loved it
The future was... different. I was needing something quirky, you will be thinking wtf half the time. Id say skip it.
Our idiot brother kept me laughing, I loved every minute and plus it stars one of my girl crushes Zooey
Last, The Descendants, It was a heavier movie and sometimes was little overboard with the lingo but I thought it was money well spent. 


The hunt - part one

We are on a hunt for our Dr. Suess Christmas tree. You know, the skinny, sparse, wonky one nobody wants. I never had a real tree growing up and our new tradition is to have the non traditional Christmas tree. Unfortunately we hit TWO shops and found nothing but perfect, chubby, picturesque trees.  The kids love the idea and we are bound and determined to find it. Tomorrow I am confindent we will find the right little tree for our little home. As for my children not wearing their coats, I was letting them learn the hard way to not argue wearing jackets in December... I think I got my point across. ;) Lesson learned. 
Happy Holidays