drum roll please......

...and the winner is


I did a little blog stalking and what a darling family you have 
Email me your address and I will get it shipped to your home


Ill do another giveaway soon, thank you everyone for entering :) I cant believe the response which makes me excited to do another one. Upcoming giveaways, a free mini session, half off the spring with rapture workshop, my favorite beauty products and of course more prints

If you were interesting in buying the print an 8 by 10 starts at $35.00.
Email me for custom sizes or more pricing.


Giveaway ....

 I always wondered what I would give away IF I ever did a giveaway blog post. Well I have had several emails about purchasing this image...

(click on it for a better preview)

  Instantly a light bulb went off. Although I feel retarded it took me so long to think of it but who doesnt want pretty pictures for their home. SO For my very very first giveaway I am printing a 11 by 17 metallic linen print of
"blending seasons" 
It would be a great seasonal piece to set out this time of year! It will be mounted and shipped right to your home.
Leave a comment and a name will be randomly drawn 10/28 at noon
 Any suggestions of other good give aways I could do??


Little people



xoxo B

Sick of wedding videos?

well tough cookies cause I have another peek for you :)
I had two amazing videographers and I cannot thank Nate and Davey enough. You guys are amazing...
I am planning on a family video with  Nate this spring. Should be darling with the ideas I have


Hopefully you recognize the song I chose :)


Blending seasons

I have spent most of my sunday snuggled up in bed with Steven, watching a movie or simply listening to the storm raging outside. I was trying to recover from shooting a stormy wedding yesterday and somehow got a craving to take some pictures. We chose to drive up little cottonwood and walk around in the rain. You could smell winter in the air and even see snow on the mountains, but fall was still visible with vibrant colors everywhere you looked. 
The blending of seasons was invigorating... 
We live in a amazing world 

xoxo B

"I'm dancing in my sleep
With promises I'll keep
Feeling so complete
Cause I've got you and you've got me"


todays happy list

Its only 11 am and I already have a happy list, todays a good day...

Lemon heads instead of breakfast

My polka dot rain boots

Stevens face when I wear them .... he either thinks I look like a nerd (which I DO NOT) or he laughs and how happy they make me

Knowing the weekends right around the corner

The vibrant red tree outside my home

My pumpkin candles burning

The ups man came

and .... I am doing a mentoring session today! so FUN

Song of the day: kiss with a fist 

this song makes me giggle ...although I only like the first part
( no meaning behind it :) marriage is wonderful)

Word of the day:

jollity |ˈjälitē|

noun ( pl. -ties)
lively and cheerful activity or celebration a night of riotous jollity.
• the quality of being cheerful he was full of false jollity.

xoxo B


sick day

This morning I was awoke by kitkats whimpers and tears. 
She was sick... which I should have seen coming, because that is what always happens when I take them to the gym daycare. 
So I did what every mom SHOULD do and let her have cupcakes for lunch and free reign of my laptop. is her favorite and my Sprinkles cupcakes were rather delish... lemon flavor of course.(thanks aunt andrea) 
It got a huge smile outta her and that was the goal.

   I love simple days .... 
even sick days

xoxo B

This is kitkats pick and my current fav while editing
she always jams out with me
happy wednesday


something extra

I didn't have time for blogging but I promised to share my extra special detail in my invites.  I added a CD of music that is a conversation between Steven and I... well sort of. It was so hard to pick a handful of songs but I love our CD and I LOVE our invites. They were charming with birds, typewriter print smudges and I could not have been happier with them
enjoy the soundtrack to our love story
xoxo B

they make me happy 
...thats all


before the wedding ...there had to be a party

...and there was
I have the best most amazingly fun group of friends ever
thanks so much ladies


Mr and Mrs Dahle

a love laced post is soon to follow 
so happy to be home
enjoy a peek at our videos 
xoxo B