bridal showers

I thought I could sneak a peek in of my dress WITHOUT Lindsay murdering me. I know I promised I wouldn't post pictures....BUT its only a detail shot, not the dress itself :)

Tonight we drove up to the hotel to gage the temperature and lighting! I am soooooo excited cause I think we are set to have the dinner outside. The weather is amazing and the view sets the perfect mood! I could not ask for a more beautiful place.

I was lucky enough to have 3 AMAZING bridal showers. Steven and I cannot thank everyone enough for all their help and time put into our wedding. We are so lucky!!!!!
I have been horrible lately and I didnt take but a few pictures at one shower.

I cannot believe I will be married in just a few days! 
I cant wait 


The tooth fairy came to our house...

Little ms toothless
Kaitlyn FINALLY lost her two top teeth. I was wondering if they would ever come out. But here she is snaggle smile and all :) 

My bubble

I have missed my bubble lately. I like to think I am a logical dreamer....if that is even possible. But maybe I am just kidding myself. Everythings been so consuming lately and I have been searching for a piece of my bubble. One thing to know about me is I dont handle multi tasking very well. I have to choose my focus for the day and stick with it. So if edits are on my to do list that day, well thats pretty much the only thing I can do. I have always watched in wonderment those women who seem to tackle so many things in one day. But sadly thats not me and I have come to grips with it.
 I am happy to say I feel like I have a good handle on the wedding stuff. But now lurking ahead of me is making sure I have work done so I will be able to have happy clients and shut off my phone for our honeymoon. I am excited for the wedding day, but daydreaming of walking around san fran with my handsome man is what I am looking forward to most. That and the four us just being together...

 Like I said, I miss my bubble. You might be asking yourself what my bubble consist of..... well I think its a rather inspiring place to be. Its a state of craving yet satisfaction full of light and movement. I can soak in the things that make me tick and bask in the joys of simple pleasures. I feel centered within myself and like I can handle anything. Its calm there.....
I think I must have lost my center the last couple weeks, it felt as if I was on a merry go round that was whirling at 120 miles per hour. Im sure you all know the trick with spinning, if you are going around and around you need to find a focus point and always keep the eye gravitating back to that spot. Well at 120 mph all I could see was lights in motion. Thankfully the merry go round is at a normal speed but still not at a complete halt.
Some things that helped it slow down.....

this movie:
Steven said I was beaming through the whole thing .... Best movie I have seen in a while. 

this song:
its been a long time favorite of mine and there is something so peaceful about it.  It has some of the best lyrics .... 

enjoy a piece of my bubble while I get to work
oh and.... 8 days left. But whos counting right ;)
xoxo B


late nights are back

Its 2:14 in the morning.

 Im still up and might be skipping sleeping every other day from now till the wedding. I just got finished re writing a to do list and I have a lot to get done! I am in the process of editing a wedding and thought I would update my blog a little.... mainly I just needed a break. 
My 25th birthday was this past sunday and it was lovely. I had a wonderful day starting at 
breakfast with steven and the little ones
 stake conference
a nap
 trip to the park to try out my new rollerblades steven got me
 and finished up at dinner with the Dahle family
 It was quiet and I loved every minute. I refused to even look at my phone or emails most the day. As for the cake steven bought me ...I had to throw it out, only cause I was gonna wind up eating the whole dang thing! Add cake with stress and those two things make me fat ;)
Wedding planning is a little crazy. The core of everything is done, but I feel like a million things are left. I need to go get temple clothes, send my song list to the dj, run over my props to the florist, get groomals done before the wedding IF there is even time, pick up the marriage license, find a dress for kitkat, have my final fitting, seating chart, take his ring to be engraved and the list goes on and on. BUT like I said the core of its all done and I am just doing what I can and hoping it all falls into place. 
The kids are wonderful, both are loving school and our new home. Kitkat finally lost her two front teeth and steven thought it was the funniest thing ever. Only cause I had been praying that they would stay in till after oct 1st, silly I know but she had such nice looking baby teeth and there will be a lot of photos taken. Oh well it will be funny to look back and laugh at her scraggily  smile. She is still the most beautiful little girl ever if you ask me. 
I am looking forward to the week of our wedding so much. I am so excited for my family to fly in and get to spend time together. We went and took a temple prep class and I have to say it made me so excited to go. I am just ready and I think its a wonderful blessing to feel that. The next two weeks will be busy and stressful but pretty soon we will be married and we can start adjusting to normal life again....but together. 

back to work



Some times a photo can tell so much about a couple 

well this is us in every sense of the word 

one month left.... 

xoxo B

more pictures from our engagement session soon