I am content yet craving, is that possible?? To be in a state of bliss but still not satisfied. What would the world be like if we communicated strictly through music. I believe your taste in music is a reflection of you, your desires, your passions ... your place in life. 
Bon iver always sounds perfect..... no matter where I am or what I am doing. His melodies are enchanting and soothes my mind. I wonder what that says about me....



Birthday lovin

This bold, quick witted and incredibly handsome man is a quarter century old today.  He makes me ridiculously happy and I am so thankful for the impact he has had on my world.

a few reasons I am enthralled with him,

our word play

he makes me feel safe 

he is slow to pass judgement on people

his sense of humor, his smile and laugh are contagious. The first time I have ever cried because of him was due to laugher. He is extremely proud of that fact

he gives the best massages  

he is one of the most unselfish people I know

he values his family... I love how important they are to him

he is analytical yet logical
 anyone that knows me KNOWS how analytical I am. I love getting his logical input

he is bold and not afraid to speak his mind

his freckles 

he is driven and sets goals for himself

he thinks my quirks are endearing and appreciates my passion

he has plethora of great music on his ipod

how wonderful he is with kitkat and billy

how wonderful he is to me ....

Happy 25th birthday steven
 love you always 



Down south

Last week I had groomals in st george, sooooo we decided to make a little trip of it. I loved having a breather and the kids had a blast. Getting away from the crap spring northern utah is having was necessary. We are all craving summer now

Hop over to my blush blog to see a peek at the shoot I did while down there

Of course I had to take a few with the red rock when we went exploring. Forgive the harsh lighting it was noon when we shot these.

Love B


Mothers day

I had the pleasure of joining Stevens family for mothers day. We had brunch at snow basin and enjoyed its beautiful view! It is crazy to me that even mid may, you take a ten min drive up the canyon and there is a winter wonderland. The kids loved spotting the skiers on the mountain. After we just relaxed and enjoyed a lazy sunday. I hope all you moms out there got a nice day off and the thanks you deserve.



For my Mother

I was blessed to be raised in a wonderful family with a loving mother. She valued the role of being a mother and teaching her children, for that I am thankful. I think being a mother is the most important responsibility we are given and I hope I can do as amazing of a job as my mom did...... love you mum. Thank you for dedicating your life to your family.

Happy mothers day
love Brooke


bits of lately

First off CONGRATS to my sister Charie and wayne on the birth of little
Brooklyn Alicia Longhurst

7lbs 6oz, 20 in

I cant wait to meet her!!!!

I dont have any crazy news in my life. Its pretty routine which I am loving. Between chasing my babies, weddings and finding time for this handsome man, I am exhausted.
Happy but exhausted so I cant complain.

Not the most flattering picture ever BUT it was a great game. Im learning quite a bit about basketball with him

We doubled with court and kevin. Sushi and driving golf balls with friends is always fun

I took kitkat out this past week to try to get some spring shots. IT WAS FREEZING so we will need a redo, but it wasnt a total waste.
More pictures soon.

Steven tagged along to keep billy under control for me :) Kit kat and especially Billy adore him.
happy friday