tuesday tunes and tid bits

( I am in love with this home, this pictures on my fridge cause it makes me happy)

Its tuesday, just a normal weekday why not spice it up a little bit. I thought I would share some random goodness with the blogging world.
I am Currently listening to this little number. Check these guys out, they are a new find and I love them


I am plotting what to do with my evening. Kitkats not her normal bright self so Im thinking of making my moms clam chowder (which was always my favorite growing up) to help her feel better. Then hitting up redbox cause there are a few movies I have been wanting to see. Sounds like a quiet evening right!!?! well I like it....
anywho I shot a wedding yesterday. YES a wedding on a monday, it does happen and it was lovely

On a more depressing note, I have tragic news...SPOON ME changed their spoons. I mean come on, the spoon was half the reason I loved that place. I am big on textures and that spoon was perfection. Its just not the same and I hope they switch them back asap!

Now for some random facts about me:

I like flavor blasted goldfish with milk chocolate chips

I love to swing

I watch f.r.i.e.n.d.s if I cant sleep

I love onions

I am ashamed of my itunes bill, but cant be a music thief like most people I know ;)

I still have a thanksgiving decoration up, only because I cant reach it and I dont have the right ladder.

I have a garage full of decorations for the kids rooms and mine but I havent even gotten them out of the boxes

I HATE touching old food in the sink

I like to smell warm and edible, my scent and candles always smell delish

I also use Edible descriptions for everything. If I like something its delish, tasty, mouthwatering, or LOVE IN MY MOUTH. ect

I love tights, I am a tad bit obsessive

Im craving driving with the windows down, my hair messy and my hand out the window. Spring is so close :)

I like black pens , not blue

I used to re write my journal as a kid cause my handwriting bothered me. NOW Im so upset cause I wish I could see the originals

I bought 3 packs of Polaroid film and its killing me to wait for wppi

I hear lyrics in my everyday life

my favorite color is GOLD and dont forget it

my nails are currently red and I wish they were black (which reminds me I need a pedi)

I wish I was a bird

I think its retarded my sister is moving and doesnt have her phone hooked up. Im feeling a need to babble.

I think its even MORE retarded my closest family member is 12 hours 27 minutes / 836.56 miles away
and the furthest is 37 hours 55 minutes / 2531.91 miles away

Im debating publishing this post ....but I am going to anyways
happy tuesday




{my nervous face...after it was all said and done}

I was honored to be a guest at a meet the photographer event recently and lets just say was candid. I am not a public speaker,I am the girl who has shamefully told the bishop no to speaking in sacrament! Why ?? ..cause I have word vomit when Im nervous. I am blunt and would rather save my pride.
While driving to the studio I felt like a 6th grader having a birthday party. What if NOBODY came!!!! What if I trip, what if my tights snag, (which sadly they did mid Q&A) What if my words wont form and come out wrong? I was glad they didnt tell me they were broadcasting the thing LIVE on the internet before it began, otherwise I would have been a mess. I may be a little over dramatic cause I held it together pretty well, besides the fact I twirled my hair the whole time( its a nervous tick not a dumb girl thing) Over all I am happy with how it went, I think I hid the mounting nerves and its a topic I am confident speaking on.
It was great to meet so many people and feel like they really cared what I had to say. I felt special that night... I really do LOVE what I do, I love the busy world us photogs live in and I love meeting people who share my passions.

scott had that thing is peoples faces all night.... and all I brought was my little point and shoot. what kinda of photog am I. lol

the lovely suzanne is coming to my with rapture workshop! shes talented and I cant wait

xoxo B


MY Valentines

Valentines is my favorite. I love love and everything about this holiday. Im super lucky this year and have two little valentines....

Reasons I love you
lil Billy:
The way you still love to snuggle and hold my hand
The guilty grin that gets you out of everything
Those lime green WIDE eyes
The way you play with mommys hair
You are the best consignment shopping sidekick
The way you are always cracking jokes
Your good taste in music (he is legit)
How sweet you are to your sister
The fact you love sushi
How you would rather sleep on a hard floor than a bed
The way you feel so warm and fit perfectly in my arms

Reasons I love you
Kit kat:
your giggle
The fact I can see so much of myself in you
Your favorite color being gold
How eager you are to learn
You sing along to bon iver and ray lamontagne
Writing stories down while you make them up
How much you love to draw
Your independence
How trusting you are
How you count days by sleeps
The beautiful/strong women I know you are going to become
How much you help with your brother
You are my perfect beautiful little girl and I love you.

Now to my future valentine:
I promise to love you always. To value your happiness greater than my own. To always laugh and enjoy simple things together.
But I might as well warn you, I will never be good at laundry and I am a stubborn one. You will secretly love those things about me cause ...its ME.
They say a cross between the drover and chuck bass doesn't exist...HA. We will show them;) You are out there I know it! Take your time coming around, I am enjoying life but I cant wait to meet you. This song is my valentines gift from me to you. Its a old favorite of mine and the lyrics are brilliant. I am sure you will agree cause any future man of mine will have impeccable taste in music
Yours truly


a profound moment

To the Birds in my life:

I was driving home late 2 nights ago when a thought floated through my mind. It was something I honestly never expected to fully feel. I was almost AFRAID to feel that way. I know that if we do our best the lord will take care of us. He knows our needs, our desires and what we need to be happy. That is if we do our part to be worthy of those blessings. I would get angry when I was told at the "right" time in my life, I would feel the way I did that night. I felt justified in my resentment and the other range of emotions that went along with it. I didnt want to let go of that right.

But out of no where I thought (minus the details)

" I am so thankful it happened "

Don't get me wrong I will have my moments (Im no saint) but that was huge for me. Seems silly that it was such a defining moment...right. But I honestly went, where...huh... WHAT!!!! I wasn't reflecting, I wasn't having a bad day, I was just driving enjoying a little Bon Iver. I am busy and life's pretty good so where did that thought come from? Not once had I truly felt that way, I had felt bits but never whole heartily.
I seem to only write about the more serious things in my life. I am a girl who reflects and maybe digs to deep into my thoughts. I tend to deal with things alone and like it best that way. But I think there is a wonderful point to this defining moment in my life.
My trials are no different then what others have or will have to deal with. But to be thankful for them is the HARDEST thing to wrap your mind around. When you're dealing with it, it can seem absolutely impossible to believe what you are promised. To listen to the people who love you is so important. You will feel as if they cant understand, but they have a bird like perspective. They are above the situation enough to see the horizon yet circling you with a watch full eye. WHY would you want to be thankful for the hell you went through. WHY should you let it go and forgive. HOW can you not feel an ache for those who have yet to feel the effects. The scars might never fully heal but there is beauty within each trial. After I rewound that thought a few times, I listed all the things that have changed because of that trial. I will spare you the details, but I found endless reasons and blessings that came of it. It all made sense for the first time....I believe there are many paths in life we can take, some better than others.....
I think the lord finally opened a window for me to see through, or maybe

I was finally ready and willing to look.



Heaven cover

Brandi carliles cover of heaven broke my heart .... even made me tear up a bit. I dont know if its the memories attached, the fact its a classic love song or just the simplicity of her version.
-OR- maybe I am just a baby tonight about a cheesy 90s love song:)
I remember listening to the original version of this song when I was little and wondering what real love would feel like. My 8 or 9 year old self trying to wrap my mind around what all the hype is about .....

heres to Love



bits of lately

I am beat and is a view of my last two weeks. I am to lazy for writing words

the ice castles in Midway were so cool! I loved them


Playing downtown with pat and our cameras


studio shopping with cupcakes ofcourse