vegas bowl

So Steven is a die hard Utah fan and he thought driving down to Vegas for the bowl game would still be a blast even though, deep down.... we both knew we were in for a loss. We were right but we still had a good time. Im sure you are wondering how we can have fun watching our team lose??? Well we went to a show, had great food and.... we placed a little sports bet.  That way even if the utes lost we get a little cash to brighten our mood... and it did.

Sadly my camera died the night we got there
 My phone had to cover the highlights
This burger was one of them, I got it back during wppi in February and have craved it since....mmmm

xoxo B


Help from the north pole

Santas helper made a stop at our home and left us 4 fully built gingerbread houses ready for decorations. MAN that was so nice of santa to send someone to do all that work for me...
The kids loved it and it was fun to see their imaginations at work. 
Steven and I thought we would do a little competition and let you all chose the winner. We did this once when we were dating with cookies and I lost. So lets just say Im still bitter

(Steven thinks I rigged his photo to look worse, but I swear it was just different lighting and a no flash ;)

Kaitlyns was a wafer sweet shoppe and Billys was a Ute house covered in candy.

OK I am kinda proud of mine...
 and the one below is Stevens...
you chose :) I had to giggle when I saw his cause to me it looks like santas bar 

 Santas elf might have gone over board with the candy

and for the record ...we were all in pjs :)

 In other news, a naughty little boy told kaitlyn santa wasnt real at school today.
I am pretty sure hes getting a lump of coal for christmas ;)
Thankfully my girls a bit naive and told him he was crazy, she said they fought about it all day.
I think this is the last year for kitkat to believe ..sigh

warm wishes


tis the season

We took the kids to the festival of trees the other night and they LOVED it. I love this time of year ...

today I cried

over a picture...
Not because its was sentimental or passion provoking 
but because it was quite possibly the worst photo I have ever seen of myself 
and ....
its my license photo

I know what you are thinking and I assure you I am not that vain.
I sent the photo to Steven and called him while a few silly tears trickled down my face.
He laughed....A LOT , to him this was the funniest thing ever
He then proceeded to tell me its the worst photo he has ever seen of me and at first glance he didn't know who it was
Its just a license pic, who looks at those...
I know I shouldn't care, there are far better things to cry over
but I am not kidding ...its just that awful
you would cry too but instead you can just laugh at me 

ps: the birthday bonanza has begun
every year Sheryl has all her friends send her a birthday photo...
I thought mine was festive
Happy early birthday Sheryl