Gold is just my color

....and now its his too

I LOVE the classic statement a plain gold band makes 

More than that.... I love what it symbolizes

Have a lovely sunday everyone

xoxo B



meltdown |ˈmeltˌdoun|

an accident in a nuclear reactor in which the fuel overheats and melts the reactor core or shielding.

 I never saw myself as a melt down kinda bride let alone that kinda person. I have a new understanding of my clients and it has been a reality check. I am melting.... so why not poke fun at myself. Poor steven who yes ...still loves me ;) has to either be in front of me or on the other end of the phone while I melt into a puddle of tears and his attempts to understand are futile. I figure I will relieve him of his post and let my sister take a couple shifts. Steven always wants to fix it naturally, but when there is nothing specific I am crying over its kinda hard. Dont get me wrong its not completely pointless when I am melting....thats why I added the definition. The wedding, trying to gather addresses, kids, work, life and ect are the fuel in the nuclear reactor and it is melting away my shielding of logic to the core of me. I laughed at myself the other night wondering why in the heck I have turned into this wound up emotional bride. So I am gonna stay ultra focused and just keep checking off my to do list. Things will all come together and soon enough we will be in normal life with the normal every day routine and I am really looking forward to it. Steven has always had a way of always calming me, he is kinda like gravity ... and that little talent of his has come in pretty handy. only 36 days ......xoxo B


A new school year

my little pre schooler

Thankfully little billy only goes three days a week
I am not ready to give him up full time...
 I love our one on one time  

my second grader
rules for this year...No boyfriends :) 
she loves school....but also loves boys. Help me 

where does time go....
xoxo B


you turn me the idea of growing old

heart this 

and I heart this 

Life has been rather chaotic lately. Time is not on my side and I swear the universe is against me.... my computer, memory card, cell phone... a 720.00 dollar water bill (I had no idea that was possible) plus if I am paying that much for water why the heck havent I enjoyed a long bath every night. The list goes on... LIKE ON AND ON. Whats next I keep asking myself and I shutter to think of the possibilities. 

wish me luck and tell the universe to play nice



day by day

 4 days till we have our engagement photos taken

 7 days till the bachelor party

11 days till we send invitations out

21 days till groomals

 26 days till a family bridal shower

27 day till another bridal shower

35 days till my bachelorette party

 41 days till I take my endowments out and my family arrives in town

lastly... 43 days till I am sealed to the love of my life


(stole this idea from a little text my mr sent me )


Wedding theme, location and details

There are two sides to me....I love classic and chic but I also love whimsy. Whimsy is taking over my wedding theme.... think twigs, birds, candles, wildflowers, old books and texture. A warm, romantic, hippie chic, woodland world one might say. The theme is based around Birds... poetic love birds of course.  I am busy setting up meetings with my invite designer, florist and consignment store browsing. I have yet to find my Dj and I have a million other things I need to get done. But I cant wait to see how everything comes together. We have finally settled on doing our dinner/dancing at the st regis hotel. Its going to be beautiful as long as it doesn't praying for me. God and I have been making a few deals that if he makes it a beautiful warm day I owe him big time ;)
The days timeline is going to be perfect. Lay in bed if my nerves will allow it, take my time getting ready with my sisters, Sealing at 1 pm at the salt lake temple to the most perfect guy, a few photos afterwards and then head up to deer valley for dinner and a intimate gathering. Perfect right... I know :) The update is minor but important all the same. I will wait till I get my invites to tell you about the extra special detail I am adding to them
stay tuned
xoxo B