starburst v.s smore

Last weekend we had a play date with Stevens adorable nieces Finley and Taylin. I honestly think Ms Finley has stolen a piece of my heart, such a sweetie. They all played so well together and kitkat LOVES having new friends. Although some would say things like goldfish and chocolate chips or .... roasted starburst are strange, I disagree. The starburst were a BIG hit with the little ones which saved more chocolate for me.... win win

I have no idea what my munchkins are doing

I wanna keep her

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine


Recipe for a escape

Music, light and love are what moves me.
We all daydream, create worlds to distract us from the mundane reality of everyday life.
What do I want to do today besides sit on my computer while the rain pours down???

First I find a melody to fit my mood and satisfy my craving. I often debate between two bands... Today its between the Weepies and new buffalo...
Next listen on repeat until your mind hurdles those fences of work, stress and blah.
Last open the door to your get away....

Repeat when needed.


Happy friday everyone


On my mind

Lately I have been thinking about what I need to be content with myself and my goals. I am someone who tries to do to much and expects perfection. I am NOT a perfectionist overall, but within the areas of life I am passionate about I have to do it right and whole heartedly. It will take a lot for me to be content within myself. Its a blessing and a curse cause I figure at least I wont ever quit striving for greatness. But I am fearful I will
{A} run myself into the ground and neglect other areas of my life.
{B} look back at my life and regret not enjoying the journey and being happy with what I DID accomplish. I am trying to find that fine line between expectation and reality. I will keep you posted on my progress :)

In other news ....
Meet Steven,
I think he is rather handsome and deserves a introduction on the blog.
You will be seeing more of his face in the future.

Here is something bouncy and charming for your tuesday
The bands name says it all -FUN.
so buy the album and fall in love
xoxo B




visual update

Shame on me, I haven't blogged any photos ...
My with rapture workshop went wonderfully, I could not have been more pleased! I got great feed back and thats what was most important to me. I wanted to be sure those who attended got what they came for. I had such an awesome group of ladies.

I never got around to posting about wppi. Better late than never right... here are a few pics
I had been online friends with abi for a few years now and I was so happy to room with her in vegas. Thankfully she was just as cool as she was via the internet world. That would have been a nightmare if she had been a weirdo ;)

now for some social time. YES people, I do have a life outside of photography :)
We went to the provo tunnels and it was oodles of fun. I left with a few battle wounds but I am a tough cookie ...NBD.

This blog isnt called "the soundtrack" for kicks and giggles! So of course I have to leave you with a song I am currently listening too. I love angus and julia stone... and I LOVE the line she smelled of daisy, she drives me crazy...

happy happy wednesday



(photo by abi Q)

Try defining happiness... there is not a definition worthy of its meaning.
Thats because besides the basic human desire of love its different for everyone.

a few things that make me happy...
ice cream in waffle cones
long drives
hearing my babies giggles in the morning
new melodies
the smell of old and new books
a clean house
candle light
word play
old sheet music
the smell of AC in a car
walking main streets
drinks...I love refreshment hot or cold
gold rings
woodland animals
mossy hills

There is something remarkable about having all your senses stimulated. I refuse to live a lifetime and not experience the spectrum of emotions that go along with it. I am not easily satisfied, I crave passion and expression along with simple moments. I want to look back at my life pleased that I swam when I could have drowned and I wasn't afraid to soar when I was given the chance. I want to be graceful but boldly unafraid....
We should always desire to develop our minds, learn as much as we can about ourselves and those we love. We are molded by our choices and the experiences we are given, but I truly believe the core of you remains the same.

The core of me just wants to be ridiculously happy...

today I am