Its no secret I have a love affair with light. I love everything about observing it and the warmth it radiates. I was sitting outside the other day and it was perfect, there is something so wonderful about spring. To lay underneath a tree whose leaves have yet to re emerge, stare through the naked branches at a clear blue sky was memorizing. I would love to lay in the same spot regularly over these next few weeks just to watch the changes occur as the world is revived. I would be under a canopy of green with the sun playing peek-a-boo with me. I feel like a nerd sometimes on my blog, I could write about the simple things in nature with every post. But try it ...... honestly just try it. Take a blanket go pull off some random back road, walk until you find the perfect spot and lay down. Dont think about anything besides what you see, feel and hear. Why do love it so much ...I dunno... but I do. It gives me a real perspective instead of getting wrapped up in the craziness. I have been feeling refreshed lately and I am doing everything I can to absorb it.

xoxo B

and of course I have a melody for you



Time to move on

Dear winter
I dont want you to think I haven't enjoyed our time together, cause I have. You are magical and hold a sense of calm that is immeasurable. I loved the need for coco, blankets and how the furnace smelled when it kicked on. BUT I have a craving for sunshine, walks and watching the world reinvent itself. I have defended you numerous times when people ask how I deal with you. I just say you cant love and appreciate spring without winter..... a blaze of warmth without the raw chill of snow. You and I will always have a little love affair. This isnt a break up, I just need
yours truly