Rarely do you see my eyes wider
I have a love of period pieces I cant explain. I am waiting to see the young victoria and could watch the trailer on repeat.

I have a feeling this will take my number one spot with ease

Bright star

I finally got my hands on a copy of bright star and I must say I was completely wrapped up in the poetry. Brilliant is a understatement, the filming was breathtaking and I vividly lived in that world for a few hours.
The lines that struck me most was when keats was trying to teach fanny the art of poetry.... I adore this for so many reasons.

"When we jump into a lake, we are not immediately concerned with swimming back to shore; we want, rather, to enjoy, even for just a little while, the feeling of being in the lake, of existing in the water, still blissfully caught between the act of immersion and the act of return." keats

xoxo B


How many photographers can fit in a box ?

We got six.

now for your tuesday tunes..... this song is delish
(hate...well hate is a strong word. But I highly dislike his face in this video... love his voice)




I am rarely thrilled with artist covers. I usually think the original recording holds the most weight....until I heard greg sing -this womens work. The way he sings darling makes my heart skip. I have a soft spot for a man calling a women darling. I have a soft spot for greg and his velvet voice, and now I have a soft spot for this song

Greg is amazing


Some sunshine

Winters bright spot?? playing in the SNOW!!! It was a beautiful day to be up on the mountain! I was afraid to go with this group cause all the boys are pros.... thankfully I didnt make a total fool of myself! :) I managed to only fall once ...go me!

Props to our camera man for the sick angling skills ;) I love that shot

Now what would a post from me be without a little ear candy. I have found my self completely addicted to this song. I dont expect everyone to love it cause its a little quirky but Its legit




Color my world in a dusky glow

Fill it with dreams and whimsical melodies

Occupy this heart with bliss




I heart noah and the whale

For your listening pleasure! they are simple and most of the songs are about heartbreak, but there is something so twitter-patting about their sound. enjoy a few favorites


Clean canvas

Its the first day of 2010 and I feel the excitement of a clean canvas to paint. Our lives are a build up of mere minutes....most of which are insignificant. But like I had said in a earlier post I feel something building within me. It makes me happy just the thought of it. I have no idea what it is but 2010 is going to be a glorious year. 2009 was a year of change and learning for me and I am glad its over, not that there weren't wonderful moments but ...I am happy to move on.
This year holds the typical resolutions of fitness and being organized. The other goals I have are nothing you havent heard from me...but I can repeat myself

I have my first guitar lesson next week and I am so excited. Music makes my world go round and I want to literally put my life to a melody. My life, my thoughts, my fear, my inspiration, my to music. Its not a quest for fame or anything....I just want a melody to go along with the photos that make up my life. Its my journal

I want to travel twice this year. First italy in the spring and then I am thinking germany in the fall. I want to feel I have claimed my independence. I want to feel free

Last year I had goals with my photography I have by far out done my original goal. But I would like to be more organized within my business and get a better grip on the whirl wind that is my job. I also plan to paint on the side

Being a single mom is hard. Being a mom at all is hard..... I don't want to look back and wish I had more simple moments with my kids. I don't want to miss out on the little things because I have to play both mom and dad everyday. I feel like I miss so much...and I don't think I could live with the guilt the rest of my life. So ....simple moments with my kids is my most important goal. I want more crayons, play dough, fairy tale's and sing alongs in my life.

I want to remember to be thankful everyday....not just when life's going smooth. My goal is to find something to be thankful for no matter what kind of situation is thrown my way. I feel like I am a realist, I know things dont always go perfect but its how you deal with those moments that builds your character.

A silly one I have is I want to expand my vocabulary. (feel free to giggle at me) I dont know why but I like finding better words to use when I want to express myself. I also have a horrible habit of speed reading which means I mis read and say words wrong sometimes. Once I say a word wrong it sticks....its a bad habit I need to break.

Last is the classic...get healthy. I need to take better care of myself, the lack of sleep or time to eat when I need to isn't working out for me. I swear I have deep dark circle and wrinkles I didnt have the year before....ugh not cool! I feel exhausted way more than I should and I want to be healthy and feel better!

I quick break down of my year.....2009 month by month.
I am excited to see what 2010 sounds like

Music Playlist at

yes I play

It seems like I work a lot....which is very true but I have had some holiday play time. I havent been taking pictures at all my outings but here are a few.

I am no pro but I love to snowboard! Some girlies and me have been hitting it up. I have gone a few times solo as well. Call me a loner if you like, but I love how peaceful it can feel up there with some good tunes...
such as camera obscure....and I ADORE THIS VIDEO

me, megs, and ash

next up: Monster pong (aka beer pong with energy drinks)

dun dun dun ....I cut bangs! I love my hair, but I am bored at times.... so spur of the moment I got them cut. Im currently having a bi polar relationship with them.( very love /hate)

the love birds eric and jess

eric made a human pretzel out of me and jess...he was very proud of his work

closing out 2009 .....some friends went to a over to a house party for new years. There is nothing I dis like more than being shoulder to shoulder at a over populated party! But it was fun all the same

happy new years everyone!!! make it glorious

ps : added a beauty babble to the other blog!