vegas bowl

So Steven is a die hard Utah fan and he thought driving down to Vegas for the bowl game would still be a blast even though, deep down.... we both knew we were in for a loss. We were right but we still had a good time. Im sure you are wondering how we can have fun watching our team lose??? Well we went to a show, had great food and.... we placed a little sports bet.  That way even if the utes lost we get a little cash to brighten our mood... and it did.

Sadly my camera died the night we got there
 My phone had to cover the highlights
This burger was one of them, I got it back during wppi in February and have craved it since....mmmm

xoxo B


Help from the north pole

Santas helper made a stop at our home and left us 4 fully built gingerbread houses ready for decorations. MAN that was so nice of santa to send someone to do all that work for me...
The kids loved it and it was fun to see their imaginations at work. 
Steven and I thought we would do a little competition and let you all chose the winner. We did this once when we were dating with cookies and I lost. So lets just say Im still bitter

(Steven thinks I rigged his photo to look worse, but I swear it was just different lighting and a no flash ;)

Kaitlyns was a wafer sweet shoppe and Billys was a Ute house covered in candy.

OK I am kinda proud of mine...
 and the one below is Stevens...
you chose :) I had to giggle when I saw his cause to me it looks like santas bar 

 Santas elf might have gone over board with the candy

and for the record ...we were all in pjs :)

 In other news, a naughty little boy told kaitlyn santa wasnt real at school today.
I am pretty sure hes getting a lump of coal for christmas ;)
Thankfully my girls a bit naive and told him he was crazy, she said they fought about it all day.
I think this is the last year for kitkat to believe ..sigh

warm wishes


tis the season

We took the kids to the festival of trees the other night and they LOVED it. I love this time of year ...

today I cried

over a picture...
Not because its was sentimental or passion provoking 
but because it was quite possibly the worst photo I have ever seen of myself 
and ....
its my license photo

I know what you are thinking and I assure you I am not that vain.
I sent the photo to Steven and called him while a few silly tears trickled down my face.
He laughed....A LOT , to him this was the funniest thing ever
He then proceeded to tell me its the worst photo he has ever seen of me and at first glance he didn't know who it was
Its just a license pic, who looks at those...
I know I shouldn't care, there are far better things to cry over
but I am not kidding ...its just that awful
you would cry too but instead you can just laugh at me 

ps: the birthday bonanza has begun
every year Sheryl has all her friends send her a birthday photo...
I thought mine was festive
Happy early birthday Sheryl



I am rather late on the thanksgiving post but I need to make a list of the things I am thankful for. It could be a silly list of random pleasures or the expected list including family and friends. Instead how about I make a combination of the two

I am grateful for....

insta film

the air we breathe

texture filled black and white photos

my little family

all things lemon flavored

cobblestone paths

pink milk with bendy straws

long drives with my man and my music 

that I was born in America 

Stevens hoodies and socks
( I steal them )

family and friends

a place to call home

that the utes beat the cougars 

food network

wonderful inlaws

the ability to dream

The list could go on but instead I thought I would say in my short lifetime I had to be humbled more than once..... but instead of cursing those moments I have found solace in the perspective I have gained.
 So this year more than anything else I am thankful for lessons learned. I would not be where I am without them ...
here's to happiness

now for a old favorite


Homeless girl

I swear lately I look like a homeless person. I have zero desire to get dolled up to go lay in the dirt or snow for a photo shoot. But then I feel like a bum the rest of the day.... I go in kicks of laziness and I guess I am smack dab in the middle of one.  I love dressing up, skirts and dresses are my favorite things to wear but I like having a date or something to dress up for. When I know nothing of note is planned, I put a hat on instead of doing my hair ... or wear some fun lipstick to get away with not putting a cute outfit together. I cant seem to get out of PJ's till after I have gotten the kids off to school and some editing done. My thought process goes something like this..

" Ugh I hate mornings "(which is true..Im am not a morning person)

" I need to run B-man to preschool and Kit kat needs her reading minutes signed ...I'll get ready after"

"I really outta go to the gym so I wont have to take the kids to the daycare since they always get sick. Plus then my workouts done and I dont have to worry about fitting it in later... why get ready now, I will just need to shower again."

"Oh I need to run to the store RIGHT now .. I'll get ready after"

"I better finish that wedding so I will have time to make dinner...I'll get ready after "

"Oh its yucky and cold outside today, Im gonna get dirty on my shoot...I'll get ready after"

Then before you know it...
 its 5, 6  or even 8 pm, Im exhausted but dinner is made, kids are happy, house is clean and work is hopefully done. I am ready for a hot bath, a cup of tea and my bed. 

I know what you are thinking, you are saying BROOKE it sounds like you need to get up earlier. Well please scroll up to the line about me not being a morning person and understand .... It's not possible

  Bad habits need new goals, so I will be ready by ten am everyday 


 if its snowing and I have two photo shoots

or if I know husband wont be home till 8pm 

or if I know I am going to the gym that afternoon 

or if I will be doing NOTHING else besides sitting at my computer all day long...

either I am going to master my new deadline ....


 I need to buy more attractive bumming it clothes 

proof of my homeless look....
Its sad to say but this is one of my better lazy days
notice the hat ;)


nerd alert

I have a obsession with glasses...
 I think they are adorable on women and on men they are incredibly sexy. What normal person curses 20 20 vision. I really want a pair of my own BUT is that weird? I steal husbands every now and again just cause they are fun.... I want to find a charming pair to call my own. Any advice where to find some that are strictly a accessory but still quality? Who has to know I do not have slightly impaired vision :)
xoxo B


So there Billy and me are... making some rounds at my favorite consignment shops and we manage to drive right by two of my favorite bakeries without stopping. I was rather proud of myself and planned a nice lunch at home. But before I could get home, I made the critical mistake of stopping at seven eleven to get gas. In there lurks my latest addiction....and BAM next thing I know I am snacking on licorice. But not just any licorice ...kookaburra red. Its like love in your mouth

Now I go in spurts with these kinds of treats. Once it was mini nutter butters and I do not even like peanut butter. Its the same thing with licorice
So what is it about these that kills my diet???
I love to cook and I feel like I make very clean/healthy dinners and I am pretty dang good with passing by my favorite treats without a second thought. But this little red bag somehow shows up in my center console once or twice a week. I am refusing to buy anymore of this calorie filled yum.

What is your sugary pitfall?
 Make me feel better about my weak willpower :)


who will be updating their ipod???

I honestly kinda hate these giveaways cause I feel bad only having ONE winner :( 

But the winner of the play list giveaway is 

 Please pick 2 or 3 from the following play lists 

I promise you will have a new skip in your step :)

mmmm a cup of tea
red bull and lipstick
cold hard truth
pinky promise
lemon delight

Hopefully you will find them as inspiring as I do. 

I like to say music keeps my secrets....but in reality its a direct expression of who I am



Giveaway take two

This blog is called the soundtrack
 SO how about I giveaway my FAVORITE playlists 

I have my editing playlist...
my getting ready for a night out playlist...
 my little known secrets playlist...
and the list goes on.
 I figure if you like the music on my blog winning this giveaway will save you a lot of money on itunes. That way you can buy a yummy new candle from anthro or several steamers and scones from star bucks. Whatever tickles your fancy
I will have the winner request a few favorite songs too
Leave a comment and I will announce the winner once I reach a 100 followers or in 48 hours.
 I really love seeing who reads the blog and checking out YOURS too! 
Happy Tuesday
xoxo B

{winner is chosen by random draw}


new sound

I am not sure what to think of Ingrid's new sound.... Its catchy but I miss the corky lyrics and melodies she use to do. I am excited to see what the new albums tone will be.  I am someone who always has to settle into change. Its kinda like when a car company changes the body style, I always say the old models better. But six months later I change my mind.... maybe thats how I will be with the "pop-ish" new sound and her new look. I am not a big fan of pop. I miss the old ingrid 
I do like the meaning of the is catchy

"I won't-
 tell anybody that you turn the world around
I won't-
 tell anybody that your voice is my favorite sound"



Marriage review

I have had the last few nights alone in my bed. 
Its funny how quickly I got used to having him close at night. I had a wedding and two other shoots during that time, along with countless edits and the kids to keep me busy, so the days are unchanged but at night... my toes stay cold. 
Everyone keeps asking me how the adjustment period is going. So I will give you my review of our married life so far. 

Seeing a ring on his finger still makes me smile inside
cause I know he is mine

I am a awful sleeper, I toss and kick around sheets
He goes to bed and awakes unmoved 

I do not watch tv (besides modern family)
He likes to have our bedroom and living room tv on at all times, even if he isn't watching

I get scatter brained if I am overwhelmed
He almost always keeps it together

I cook dinner
He does the dishes after

We both LOVE baths
He might get mad at me for admitting that to he only kinda likes them
I love them

Lemon drops and chocolate cinnabears go surprisingly well together
I know this because of the little stash he keeps 

I always forget to take my phone off silent after work
He hates this.... but I am working on it :)

The kids
They love him and he loves them

I am always cold
He is a human heater

I have a love for cooking with onions and garlic
He cant even stand the smell

He tolerates my creative moods
I tolerate the amount of sports he follows 

No big fights, in fact the biggest fight we had was over what breed of dog to get. He was set on a lab, but I am new to this dog thing and I refused to have a shedding dog in my home.
 So we found middle ground. 
I have adjusted to being the Mrs to my Mr and I have to say
its been easy

We are happy, content and most of all blessed 


...a personal favorite

(photo by ryan - edit by me)

I have been trying to find the time to edit my wedding pics before I do a post.... I haven't got very far because my clients weddings are higher on the priority list. I know you have gotten little bits and pieces from other sites but I want to do my own post that depicts the day perfectly. I love this picture.... I wanted candid images of our day, not a lot of staged photos and my friend ryan did a great job getting just that.
xoxo B


something sweet

Steven surprised me one day and took me up to carve "our" tree. Hes so sweet to me.
I adore this song... its a simple melody with beautiful lyrics. If you dont think this mans voice is pure bliss... somethings wrong with you. 
Happy wednesday


meet twigs

Twigs is a 9 week old golden doodle. She is extremely chill and a tiny bit lazy.... let hope that temperament continues. The kids adore her and she seems to make the house feel more like a home. I never had pets growing up so this will be interesting to see if I become a dog person...

We drove all the way down to fillmore to get her and I wont lie, I was apprehensive. I just kept thinking of the all the extra work a dog would be. I work full time, have the kiddos and a house to keep clean. The breeders already had her in the process of potty training and shes been perfect so far. Steven said you're not a family till you have a dog.
well in that case meet twigs

xoxo B

A peek at our puppy

.... An official introduction soon

xoxo B


Still loyal

(before the disaster)

 Remember that critical utah game I mentioned.... well lets just say I might struggle to admit I am a ute fan for a while. Awful is the only thing you can say ....just awful. I honestly think we looked like a highschool team out there and a slow one at that. I tried to lift my mans mood by refusing to let him listen to the radio or watch sports center, but I dont think my dinner and chick flick plan did any good. Either way I will still sport the lovely slippers steven got me. You would think he would just buy me flowers but nah .... they are nerdy I know :)

xoxo B



Happy weekend everyone

I have four photo shoots
a critical UTAH/TCU game to attend with the hubs
and some much needed R&R while the kids are away this weekend

I adore these guys


the key

Unlocking my heart hasn't always been the easiest task
My husband, my children and my need for expression is the key. I dont know what it is about my music but I feel possessive over it. I am such a nerd...but I do take ownership over my soundtracks. I can tell you the exact wording and instrument that made me fall in love and say ...its mine. 
I want to be taken on a journey within each melody... It has to inspire me 

For example.... I saw one of "MY" songs on a popular blog and was ...No its mine, what are you doing. lol

Now this one I share with steven...only cause its our song. 
He played it to me when we were dating and its even engraved on my wedding band. 
The word play is brilliant 

Next up....

It is by far one of the most beautiful songs.
Lyrics that made it mine... 
"And I will love to see that day 
That day is mine
when she will marry me outside with the willow trees
and play the songs we made"

cinematic orchestra- to build a home

the pierces- lights on

bon iver- blood bank

sally seltmann- happy

and the list goes on and on...

 I know I have zero claim on any of these songs but somehow they help fulfill a part of me.
Hopefully I am not the only one who is this crazy about their music :)
Heck I even share my favorite finds with you guys, so I am not that crazy...right?


october 30th

As all you Utahans know we do Halloween a little different if it falls on a Sunday :) 
well the night before Halloween we did our little run around the neighborhood.  It was the cutest thing to watch them dancing with excitement.... although the rain and wind was yucky. (sorry about the photo quality, it was literately dark when I shot them)
Mr and I were boring and didnt dress up, maybe we will be festive next year.
xoxo B

hope everyone had a wonderful halloween


drum roll please......

...and the winner is


I did a little blog stalking and what a darling family you have 
Email me your address and I will get it shipped to your home


Ill do another giveaway soon, thank you everyone for entering :) I cant believe the response which makes me excited to do another one. Upcoming giveaways, a free mini session, half off the spring with rapture workshop, my favorite beauty products and of course more prints

If you were interesting in buying the print an 8 by 10 starts at $35.00.
Email me for custom sizes or more pricing.


Giveaway ....

 I always wondered what I would give away IF I ever did a giveaway blog post. Well I have had several emails about purchasing this image...

(click on it for a better preview)

  Instantly a light bulb went off. Although I feel retarded it took me so long to think of it but who doesnt want pretty pictures for their home. SO For my very very first giveaway I am printing a 11 by 17 metallic linen print of
"blending seasons" 
It would be a great seasonal piece to set out this time of year! It will be mounted and shipped right to your home.
Leave a comment and a name will be randomly drawn 10/28 at noon
 Any suggestions of other good give aways I could do??


Little people



xoxo B

Sick of wedding videos?

well tough cookies cause I have another peek for you :)
I had two amazing videographers and I cannot thank Nate and Davey enough. You guys are amazing...
I am planning on a family video with  Nate this spring. Should be darling with the ideas I have


Hopefully you recognize the song I chose :)


Blending seasons

I have spent most of my sunday snuggled up in bed with Steven, watching a movie or simply listening to the storm raging outside. I was trying to recover from shooting a stormy wedding yesterday and somehow got a craving to take some pictures. We chose to drive up little cottonwood and walk around in the rain. You could smell winter in the air and even see snow on the mountains, but fall was still visible with vibrant colors everywhere you looked. 
The blending of seasons was invigorating... 
We live in a amazing world 

xoxo B

"I'm dancing in my sleep
With promises I'll keep
Feeling so complete
Cause I've got you and you've got me"


todays happy list

Its only 11 am and I already have a happy list, todays a good day...

Lemon heads instead of breakfast

My polka dot rain boots

Stevens face when I wear them .... he either thinks I look like a nerd (which I DO NOT) or he laughs and how happy they make me

Knowing the weekends right around the corner

The vibrant red tree outside my home

My pumpkin candles burning

The ups man came

and .... I am doing a mentoring session today! so FUN

Song of the day: kiss with a fist 

this song makes me giggle ...although I only like the first part
( no meaning behind it :) marriage is wonderful)

Word of the day:

jollity |ˈjälitē|

noun ( pl. -ties)
lively and cheerful activity or celebration a night of riotous jollity.
• the quality of being cheerful he was full of false jollity.

xoxo B


sick day

This morning I was awoke by kitkats whimpers and tears. 
She was sick... which I should have seen coming, because that is what always happens when I take them to the gym daycare. 
So I did what every mom SHOULD do and let her have cupcakes for lunch and free reign of my laptop. is her favorite and my Sprinkles cupcakes were rather delish... lemon flavor of course.(thanks aunt andrea) 
It got a huge smile outta her and that was the goal.

   I love simple days .... 
even sick days

xoxo B

This is kitkats pick and my current fav while editing
she always jams out with me
happy wednesday


something extra

I didn't have time for blogging but I promised to share my extra special detail in my invites.  I added a CD of music that is a conversation between Steven and I... well sort of. It was so hard to pick a handful of songs but I love our CD and I LOVE our invites. They were charming with birds, typewriter print smudges and I could not have been happier with them
enjoy the soundtrack to our love story
xoxo B

they make me happy 
...thats all