more of what makes me tick......My thoughts in someone elses words

Ingrid and Imogen both released their albums on tuesday and after listening to both I think ingrid has a better over all album...(not saying I love Imogen any less) Imogens amazing and has 4 songs I LOVE but ingrid never fails me and I can listen to each track over and over again. Maybe its because I connect with her lyrics on a personal level more. Her last album holds a very special place in my heart........ She on tour and coming to utah in the fall and Im so excited......enjoy 



This last while has been full of music goodness for me. Imogens new albums out tuesday, and  fine frenzy soon to follow. I wont lie I have days or as of late its been a few weeks building up on me where I feel completely run down....I have a mini pity party for myself and then brush it off. I struggle sometimes seeing the light at the end of the tunnel .... but if I lose my bright perspective its never for very long. One of my favorite quotes is on my side bar and its very true to me
-Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
~Berthold Auerbach
So go for a drive or a walk with your ipod and on one time with yourself is refreshing. Let go of things you cant control and soak in simple beauty.  Watch the rest of the world rush by and refuse to join them. Be happier
I dont know what I would do without my soundtracks

stay tuned for...........NEWYORK with the girls

I have such beautiful friends. Joni loves the brookyln bridge so it was only fitting to wake up super early ...get dolled up and be silly girls together taking pictures. Im so lucky to have the friends I do and I love her to pieces...

Brookylnn on the brooklyn


Greg ...l Love you

last week Greg Laswell came to really wont ever see me in a happier state than when I have my camera and one of my favorite artist live. Walking from the car to the theater I was skipping with excitement and I think megan was a little embarrassed of me :) I would just squeal ...GREGS HERE!!!!!! 

gotta love the phone pics

I adore this shot it was taken while singing and then you....which is one of my favorites


we had time to kill between bands. elizabeth and the catapult (playing on my blog) are on tour with greg and I had to get the cd! They are a regina spektor sound but..... I feel a little more "skipping through the park"  when I listen to their sound.I Love them! (does that make any sense to you? lol)

 meghan, joni , my megan and me


me and me lover

its a little outta focus but oh well!(below)


this is my " greg touched me" face

so my theory of greg spotting me and falling madly in love didnt come true :( Im truly heartbroken I wont have a album written based off our romance...oh well
current favs from elizabeth and just in time has amazing lyrics!